Accuracy in Media

Apostle Claver who runs the website RagingElephants called out Fox News yesterday during an interview with me for featuring more buxom blondes and liberal blacks than black conservatives on its shows and said that the network isn’t helping the cause.

Claver: I would really hope that Fox being really the biggest megaphone out there when it comes to media, I would hope that they could maybe dispense of one buxom blonde per night and put one a conservative person of color just between O’Reilly and Hannity and Greta… could each one of you guys just one show a week have a conservative of color and just, can you sacrifice just one buxom blonde one time just to be able to show conservatives of color they do exist.

He also went on to criticize conservative talk radio by saying that they aren’t helping the cause by lampooning liberals like Obama but instead they need to “point to their shortcomings but also present a solution to their shortcomings”.

Unfortunately Claver is correct in his assessment of Fox that the number of black liberals that appear on the network far outnumber black conservatives.  O’Reilly regularly features liberals lions Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton ,Marc Lamont Hill  and Juan Williams who is now  Fox News contributor and rarely asks black conservatives like  Herman Cain or Alveda King to appear. The one exception to the rule would be Deneen Borelli who appears frequently on Fox and Friends.

Is it any wonder then that black conservatives feel like they are just voices in the wilderness when those that can help them the most largely ignore them?

If Republicans want to build on the congressional victories of Tim Scott and Allen West in November then they along with fellow conservatives need to get serious about helping to promote them and not their liberal counterparts.

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