Accuracy in Media

Bill O’Reilly interviewed former president Bill Clinton last night and got him to say that the press favored Obama over his wife in 2008:

O’Reilly: Now when your wife is running against Barack Obama in New Hampshire, and this must bring back memories to you, the press favored Obama, correct?

Clinton: Oh I think yes.

That favoritism, though, wasn’t limited to the primary. It carried over into the general election with the mainstream media, led by Chris (thrill up my leg) Matthews as Obama’s chief cheerleader.

And while Matthews may not be as thrilled with Obama as he was in 2008, he along with most of the mainstream media are still clearly in the President’s corner and will undoubtedly do what they can to ensure that Obama remains in office past January 20, 2013.

Clinton refused to tell O’Reilly why he believed the media favored Obama over Hillary, suggesting it might get him in trouble if he spoke his mind. He also took a pass on explaining why the media are certain to be trying to help Obama win re-election, though he left little doubt that he believes that to be true.

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