Accuracy in Media

Did you know that the Scholastic Book Club, the company behind those ubiquitous catalogs that virtually every school age child brings home very month sells books to titillate their young readers? In the May edition of their catalog you can buy such books as The True Meaning of Cleavage or Bad Girls In Love. While these books are marked for high school readers, my eleven year old son received the catalog from his teacher who wanted to challenge the class with a higher degree of reading. The teacher distributed this material without reading it despite a warning on the cover that said “This book contains subject matter more appropriate for older readers or language that may be deemed offensive” You don’t say? With a picture of a girl with a low cut dress on one cover and the promotion of a book where one of the characters has a crush on her teacher( Can you say statutory rape?) you begin to wonder what the editors at the book club were thinking.

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