Accuracy in Media

Conservatives in San Jose, California have banded together to form the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley and they are having an impact. I had the opportunity to speak to this group on Tuesday night and see for myself what dedicated activists can do.

The group started a little over a year ago led by local businessman Richard Geno, along with a handful of other frustrated conservatives. They have built the group into a hardy band of members attracting an average of 50 people a month to their monthly meetings. While they have had some great speakers, I think their greatest accomplishment is that they have established a dialogue with the San Jose Mercury News, which is not exactly known for having a conservative viewpoint. Forum members have had some of their letters to the editor published as well as holding a meeting with the editor no less to discuss their issues.

The formation of the Forum is very reminiscent of the founding of Accuracy In Media 36 years ago and may they have the same level of success we have had.

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