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CBS News anchor Katie Couric, who appeared on The View to promote her new book, The Best Advice I Ever Got, Lessons from Extraordinary Lives, managed to keep Barbara Walters from pinning her down about her job at CBS and her future.

No matter what Walters did she couldn’t get Couric to confirm that she is leaving CBS when her contract expires in June, and she gave Katie a chance to defend her tenure at the network.

In discussing the ratings for the Evening News, Walters brought up an interview Couric did with the New York Times Magazine on Sunday in which she said that the show had been in third place for 13 years and partially blamed the weak lead-in from local stations for her poor showing.

She added that the show still attracted 6.5 million viewers but conveniently neglected to mention that it hit a 20-year low last August. That’s not exactly a measure of success.

Couric promised to return to the show and let Barbara know about her decision, but even Walters knows that the die has already been cast and that was just Couric’s way of trying to politely extricate herself from an uncomfortable situation.




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