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Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod appeared on CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday and told host Candy Crowley that the President’s upcoming jobs speech will be a mixture of old and new ideas.

Axelrod: Well first of all let me say these aren’t all new ideas.  Some will be new, some we’ve already talked about. There are things he’s been asking Congress to do for some time. And some of them, for example extending the unemployment, the payroll tax cut that was passed in January for another year.  That’s something that’s absolutely critical to do.  There are basic things we need to do relative to infrastructure, rebuilding our roads and bridges. That needs to get done. So some of the things will be familiar because he’s been talking about them.

So where are the new ideas?

Axelrod continued to harp on the payroll tax cut as a central theme of the President’s plan, but after nearly eight months the current cut, which averages $20 per person per week, hasn’t done anything towards lowering the unemployment rate or stimulating the economy.

Crowley asked Axelrod about whether or not the White House is “putting things out there” that they know the Republicans won’t agree to so that they can have that to run on.

Axelrod replied with an attack on the House GOP and the Tea Party in particular, saying that there aren’t enough Republicans willing to stand up to the Tea Party after they nearly brought the country to the brink of default.

In other words the real strategy of the Obama administration will be to dress up some old ideas and pass them off as new by adding urgency to the message, and to continue to blame the Republicans and the Tea Party for blocking the President’s job-creating agenda, which to date has been a miserable failure.

No hope, no change.

Watch the video here.

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