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Political correctness claimed another victim Saturday when Arizona State University caved into pressure and decided to honor commencement speaker President Obama after all.


The initial controversy arose last week when the school announced that the president would not be receiving an honorary degree.  As a matter of fact the university wasn’t awarding any honorary degrees at this year’s commencement. The school defended their decision by saying that there were separate committees for the speakers and the degrees and they are normally awarded for “lifetime achievement.” Considering the fact that Obama is a one-term U.S. Senator and had been in office less than two months when he was invited it would be hard to argue that he qualifies under the lifetime achievement requirement.


But that didn’t deter Obama supporters and others on the left from mercilessly attacking ASU president Michael Crow for the decision accusing the school of racism for their decision.


Stung by the criticism and fearing political fallout the university announced that rather than give Obama an honorary degree that they will rename one of their most important scholarships in his honor.  The scholarships will now be known as the President Barack Obama Scholars and will help students in need attend the school. 


Frankly this move is far worse than giving Obama an honorary degree.  With the degree it would have been a one time deal and quickly forgotten over time.  With the scholarship his name will live on in perpetuity at a school where he has zero relationship and all because of the desire to be politically correct.


The university has now bet heavily that the Obama presidency will be successful and if it isn’t they will be left with an embarrassing mess.


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