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Former first lady Michelle Obama, who was widely praised by the liberal media for her speech at the DNC convention Monday night, wasn’t completely accurate, according to the Associated Press.

During her speech, Obama critcized the Trump administration policy of separating children from their families as they crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally saying that they were “thrown into cages,” which the AP said was misleading.

From the AP:

MICHELLE OBAMA, on Americans: “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.”

THE FACTS: The reference to cages is misleading and a matter that Democrats have persistently distorted.

Trump used facilities that were built during the Obama-Biden administration to house children at the border. They are chain-link enclosures inside border facilities where migrants were temporarily housed, separated by sex and age.

At the height of the controversy over Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border, photos that circulated online of children in the enclosures generated great anger. But those photos — by The Associated Press — were taken in 2014 and depicted some of the thousands of unaccompanied children held by President Barack Obama.

The AP noted that some Democrats and activists deleted their tweets containing the photos after the facts became clear, but prominent Democrats have continued to cite the “kids in cages” theme as an example of the Trump administration’s cruelty to illegal immigrants.

Obama was the keynote on an evening where the message was more about why Donald Trump was bad for America than how the policies of a Joe Biden presidency would be better for the country exposing the fact that the campaign is more about voting against the president than for Biden.



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