Accuracy in Media

Last Saturday California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed the California Republican Party state convention in Anaheim was received enthusiastically by the party faithful in attendance. At least that is what the news media reported. While it is true that the convention attendees largely rallied around the Governor, there was no mention of the anti-Schwarzenegger sentiment that was also present at the convention that I could find.

The Schwarzenegger team which had been busy al weekend handing out signs and tee shirts that read Join Arnold, Reform and Rebuild were apparently taken aback when the California Republican Assembly began handing out their own version that said Join Arnold, Close the Borders which referred to a statement the Governor made in April and then apologized for a week later after being criticized by liberals and Latinos. Even though the numbers of these alternative signs were small it apparently was enough of a threat that all signs were banned from the event. The words free speech must not be in the Governors dictionary.

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