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In an interview at the RightOnline conference last weekend conservative author and commentator S.E. Cupp said that the recent praise heaped upon Michele Bachmann by the liberal media is part of a plan to make her public enemy number one.

Cupp said that she found it worrisome that the media is now realizing how great Bachmann is because it means that “any praise, any legitimacy that the liberal media is giving to Bachmann or anyone else just  means that she is about to become public enemy number one.for them ” and that she is going to become a “huge target” and that they are really going to lambaste her.

I said as much last week in a blog post on how Chris Matthews had gone from asking her if she was “hyponitzed” and calling her a ‘balloon head” to saying that she was great after the last Republican presidential debate.

This supposed change of heart hasn’t gone totally unnoticed by other conservatives.

On Fox News Watch This past Saturday conservative columnist Cal Thomas reinforced that view:

“The Left likes to build up people in order to tear them down. One of my favorite lines on this was that ’she exceeded expectations.’ Well, who set the expectations? The media did. . . . Chris Matthews praises her, which is sort of like getting a civil rights affirmation from David Duke.”

Matthews can’t seem to stop fawning over Bachmann even telling fellow liberal Bill Maher that “She’s my hero” and that she’s “going all the way” in reference to her presidential run.

The latest example is that last night on Hardball Matthews told his guests that he thought that Bachmann would knock Romney off while devoting much of his program to comparing Republican front-runner Mitt Romney to an  Emperor Who Has No Clothes.

Can it be any more obvious that Matthews is now doing his level best to eliminate Obama’s toughest potential opponent in Romney and replace him with Bachmann who he believes if nominated will be much easier for the president to defeat next year?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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