Accuracy in Media

On Tuesday Reuters quoted singer Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine as saying “I think Muslims have become the new Negroes in America.  They are being mistreated at airports by the Immigration—everywhere” Jackson made this statement while visiting the Gulf of Bahrain where he is promoting understanding between Muslims and Americans.  Jackson also said “I do not agree with the U.S. government.  What they are saying about Muslims and Arabs is all propaganda and brainwashing.”

Jackson who converted to Islam a few years ago also spoke about the U.S. “adventures” in Iraq.  So here is a celebrity who is trying to promote a better understanding of Muslims and Americans and yet he spends his time criticizing the U.S. and it’s policies.  How does foster a better understanding?  As for what he said, since when have Muslims been segregated from the population, asked to sit in specific seat in a restuarant or the back of a bus? Propaganda? Brainwashing?  Does he mean that when President Bush invites Muslim leaders to the White House that that should be construed as some type of propaganda event?  If there is any brianwashing going on it’s the Muslim extremists who are doing in and not our government.

So we have yet another hollywood liberal speaking out against the U.S. to gain attention by ignoring the facts.  Hey Jermaine,  your statements are about as valid as your singing career.

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