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morning joe on obama west point speech

President Obama was hoping that his commencement speech at West Point on Wednesday would help revive his foundering presidency, but instead it only added to the notion that, even after nearly six years in office, he doesn’t have a foreign policy.

That was clear to Associated Press White House correspondent Julie Pace, who called the speech “odd” during an appearance on Morning Joe today:

Yeah, there was something about this speech that was a little odd. This is not the first major foreign policy address that the President has given, it’s not the first time he has tried to articulate this vision. He actually has done this since he was first running for president. Yet there is this frustration in the White House because they feel like, for whatever reason, they have not been able to either communicate it properly or they have been misinterpreted by critics, by Republicans.

Pace went on to say that we didn’t learn anything new about Obama, and that he is a President who tries to “straddle this line between isolation and intervention.”

She also noted that while he painted a scary picture of the threat of terrorism to the U.S., he didn’t provide any specific answers to those threats.

Pace wasn’t the only one in the media who found the President’s speech lacking substance. The New York Times said the speech didn’t match the hype, and that is was largely “uninspiring.”

Obama hasn’t lost the liberal media, but he surely didn’t give them much reason for hope for what he plans to accomplish in his remaining two years.

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