Accuracy in Media

ABC News continued to show it’s true colors right up to the Inauguration.

First it was a posting on it’s web site about funerals for Iraqi war dead on January 20th. While they quickly removed the link, someone saved it in a screen shot and though it’s a bit out of kilter you get the message.

The assualt continued with ABC’s Nightline program on January 19th devoting the entire show to the question of “Did Bush Steal the Electiion”. The show highlighted attempts by the far left to call into question the results in Ohio, showing various charts and graphs on why the exit polls couldn’t have been that far off. To ABC’s credit they interviewed the pollster, Warren Mitofsky who said he believed the polls were off because more Kerry supporters particpated than Bush supporters. All the left and the media have on this are accusations, not evidence. Yet somehow this was enough to allow Nightline to devote an enitre show to it on the eve of President Bush’s inauguration. How much do you want to bet had the roles been reversed that ABC would have done this to John Kerry?

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