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A July 10th resolution passed by the Prince William County (VA) Board of Supervisors that would deny some public services to illegal immigrants and also allow local police and other officials to question the status of people and report them to federal immigration authorities sparked a large protest last week.

Over 1,000 Latinos gathered together to voice their support for a boycott of all non-immigrant businesses in the county and vowed to do the same in other Virginia communities that have passed similar measures.

For those in support of the resolutions it is a way to try and curb the rapidly growing illegal immigrant population that has led to a crush on public services, day laborers and in some cases increased crime.  To the opponents like Ricardo Juarez of Mexicans Without Borders who was the main speaker at the rally in Manassas that drew a large crowd it is all about hate and racism. 

One of the leaders of Mexicans Without Borders is Macrina Cardenas who also serves on the board of socialist anti-war group ANSWER according to the Socialism and Liberation magazine web site.  In a 2005 interview with the magazine Cardenas said the group arose out of a need for migrant workers to struggle against the various injustices that they face in their daily lives.  What are those injustices?  The inability to obtain a driver’s license, rent a house, travel or obtain higher education because they lack the proper documents.

She also believes that granting permanent residency to the undocumented workers would remove the stigma of being called “illegals.”  Heaven forbid that we should stigmatize those that came into this country illegally.

The Washington Post which splashed the story of the demonstration on the front page in its July 28th edition somehow managed to miss the far left connection of Mexicans Without Borders which would have painted a very different picture of exactly who was behind the demonstration.  What if the story had been about people backed by a conservative organization and protesting illegal immigration?  I am sure there would have been a fuller investigation of the organizers.

Could there possibly be a double standard in the media?  You be the judge.

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