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ann coulter msnbc appearance

In an interview with Mediaite published on Tuesday, conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter discussed her cable news viewing habits, saying that she prefers to watch MSNBC because it’s entertaining:

I watch because it’s inadvertently funny. Many people have said the problem with the Internet is that people will compartmentalize and only read stuff that they agree with. Nowhere is that more evident than on MSNBC! People say blindingly false things and never get checked.

I also like to joke that once a week Chris Matthews will interview an anti-Bush author and, for balance, he’ll get the other author of that book.

Coulter’s favorite MSNBC host is Chris Hayes because he isn’t “smug” and doesn’t “sneer or mock” political opponents like the others on the network.

Asked about the Fox versus MSNBC battle, Coulter praised Fox for having “serious” liberals compared to MSNBC’s no-name conservatives.

And Fox’s liberals are serious people,” she added. “The late Geraldine Ferraro ran for VP as a Democrat; Susan Estrich ran the Michael Dukakis campaign, Bob Beckel ran the Walter Mondale campaign, and Juan Williams has always been a thoughtful guy. The occasional times they throw a conservative on MSNBC, it’s someone you’ve never heard of. Beyond that, they talk about what it is liberals are arguing.

As much as Coulter likes Chris Hayes, she isn’t so fond of the other Chris—Matthews—who she said she would fire if she was the head of MSNBC:

Except for my own enjoyment, I’d fire Chris Matthews. I know from other hosts and people who’ve worked there that he’s the stupidest on-air personality at MSNBC. He’s also hilarious. He compares Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy almost every night, despite having no idea about McCarthy. And I think that if you watch daytime, Thomas Roberts may be giving Matthews a run for his money.

Coulter is mostly on target. While I agree that the liberals on Fox do a far better job than the so-called conservatives on MSNBC, I don’t think that Chris Matthews is the stupidest on-air personality at the network. Matthews is annoying, but he’s certainly not stupid. That title would be more appropriate for Ed Schultz, whose rants are often devoid of facts, and rarely based on reality.

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