Accuracy in Media

In his April 8th column entitled “Heroes Don’t Come Wholesale” Andy Rooney has five questions that he would like to see reporters ask our soldiers in Iraq. Two of the questions are quite disturbing to me. The first is “Are you doing what America set out to do to make Iraq a democracy, or have we failed so badly that we should pack up and get out before more of you are killed?” The other question is “Do the orders you get handed down from one headquarters to another, all far removed from the fighting, seem sensible,or do you think our highest command is out of touch with the reality of your situation?” While I will refrain from questioning Rooney’s patriotism, what does he think would be accomplished by asking our brave men and women these questions? In order for our troops do do the job they are assigned to do they must have confidence in their leaders.

Our military leaders ability to effectively lead our brave men and women is constantly being undermined by the liberal media. They are trying to compare the Iraq war with Vietnam. As Accuracy In Media showed in their films “Television’s Vietnam and Televsion’s Vietnam : The Real Story the major reason we lost that war was because the media misreported the facts and turned public sentiment against the war. The result was mass genocide and suffering for the people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. If the media succeeds this time, it won’t just be the people of Iraq that suffer but Americans as terrorists will have gained the upper hand.

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