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The New York Times’ stories on GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) financial troubles and traffic tickets is not having the desired effect, as even members of the liberal media are questioning the motives of the paper for running the stories.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell jumped into the fray on Thursday by first noting that comedian Jon Stewart—an avowed liberal—became an “unlikely ally” for Rubio when he mocked the Times’ for noting that Rubio had the audacity to have “oversize windows” in his home.

“How is this front-page news?” Stewart asked.

Mitchell followed up on Stewart’s question with Susan Page of USA Today:

That’s the question, how is it front-page news? There is, Susan, there are issues about his backer and his debts, but this treatment did certainly look like an opposition dump.

Page responded by telling Mitchell that the issues the Times reported on are some that a lot of Americans can identify with—using his book advance to pay off his student loans or buying a fishing boat in Florida—adding that “this is the kind of criticism, or skeptical look, that I think makes a lot of voters say, ‘Hey, I can see myself in this area.’ This is not a rich guy who has inherited a lot of money from a famous family. This is a guy who is living the life of a lot of Americans.”

Mitchell also brought up the Times’ report on Rubio’s four speeding tickets in a 17-year period by saying, “I think a lot of us could relate to that.” Mitchell made it clear that she believed the Times overreached in its efforts to derail the Rubio candidacy before it really gets started, and wound up looking like it was the communications arm for Hillary Clinton.

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