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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell may have inadvertently given the Romney campaign an extra boost on Thursday when she agreed with senior Romney adviser Barbara Comstock that men are paid more than women at that very network.

Mitchell and Comstock were discussing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, a subject that came up during Tuesday’s presidential debate and one which the media has used to label Romney as being anti-woman:

Mitchell: I mean for Lilly Ledbetter, this was not just a legal issue. This was the fact that she was not permitted to sue for equal pay because the statute had ran out and the law said if you didn’t know the men you were working with were making more money, which many of us don’t know, we don’t have access to those confidential…

Comstock: We know here at MSNBC the guys get paid more, we know that.

Mitchell:  We certainly do.

Can it be that MSNBC, this embodiment of liberal media bias and bastion of political correctness, which has been hammering Mitt Romney on this issue, is not treating women equally when it comes to pay?

Comstock urged Mitchell to make sure the women make the same at MSNBC, at which point Mitchell thanked her and ended the segment.

Mitchell later backtracked and issued the following statement:

I was referring to the industry as a whole. This remark has been taken out of context.

Out of context? Comstock made a very clear reference to MSNBC and not the industry and Mitchell agreed.

It’s obvious that Mitchell realized she made a mistake by agreeing with Comstock on pay disparity at MSNBC and needed an excuse to try and correct the situation no matter how feeble it was.

MSNBC may not be the only ones with a pay inequality problem.

According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, women earned about 18% less than males employees, which doesn’t exactly offer a shining example of Obama’s commitment to fair pay.

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