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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz became the object of some ridicule from CNN’s Anderson Cooper. He said that the DNC chairwoman was in an “alternate universe” after she had bungled her explanation as to why the Democrats decided to amend their platform to include “God” and “Jerusalem,” after initially leaving those words out.

Wasserman Schultz was interviewed by CNN’s Brianna Keilar shortly after the platform vote on Wednesday. She told Kielar that there was no discord over the changes and that once Mayor Villaraigosa realized there was a two-thirds vote we moved forward.

Keilar questioned that statement, noting that it seemed like a lot of people felt that “it wasn’t quite there.”

Wasserman Schultz responded by saying that it was “absolutely a two-thirds [vote].”

Cooper reacted to that by saying that Wasserman Schultz’s claims—that it wasn’t a change in language, that there wasn’t any discord and that it passed by a two-thirds vote—is an “alternate universe.”

I realize that Wasserman Schultz is the mouthpiece for the DNC, but she needs a reality check on her statements. Mayor Villaraigosa was visibly flustered by the voice vote and tried three times to reach the two-thirds majority necessary to pass the changes. He finally resorted to arbitrary executive privilege to declare the amendments passed, over the loud boos of the delegates.

That left many delegates angry and shows just how divided the Democrats are at a critical point in the campaign, something the mainstream media would prefer to ignore.

Just imagine if this had happened at the Republican convention.

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