Accuracy in Media

Non-white criminals that think all white juries are biased against them can breathe a little easier if they are in the Cook Country Criminal Court in Chicago. That is if they get Circuit Judge Evelyn Clay to preside over their case.

Judge Clay in her infinite wisdom has made it a policy to not seat all white juries in her courtroom. This startling decision came to light from court transcripts studied by the Chicago Tribune. The paper reported that on April 20th in a case involving the unlawful use of a weapon Judge Clay made the following comment after 8 jurors had been selected. “I’m telling you folks, I don’t know what you all intend to do, but I have no intention of seating an all-white jury.” She followed this up a few days later in a murder trial when she asked “How many African-Americans you all have? in referring to the make up of the jury. She then repeated her rule about all white juries

Then on June 17th she got into an argument with Assistant State’s Attorney Thomas Driscoll when he tried to remove a prospective juror. He had Asians and Hispanics on the jury but apparently no blacks and wound up adding a black after being badgered by the judge. I don’t think that blacks or anyone else for that matter are clamoring to be selected for a jury.  After all who can afford to give up several days of work for $17.20 per day? 

While there haven’t been any charges of misconduct filed in against Judge Clay, one can only imagine the reaction had this been a white judge making a statement about all black juries. Can anyone say racial profiling?

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