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Fox News contributor and radio show host Alan Colmes says in his forthcoming book that people who support liberal ideas are contributing to the betterment of America, and that in reality all Americans are liberals.

Colmes’ new book, entitled Thank the Liberals, will be published by Hay House in August, which said this about the book in a press release issued this week:

In Thank the Liberals, readers will find Colmes’ trademark wit and political savvy as he outlines the liberal ideas that have sculpted America and lays out where our country should go from here. Starting with the argument that our nation was founded on liberal ideas and following the progression of attitudes and policies through the years, Colmes clearly articulates how people who support liberal ideas are directly contributing to the betterment of America. He also makes the case, sure to get some hackles up, that all Americans are actually liberal. Thank the Liberals delves into past and present fights between liberal progressives and conservative “regressives,” as Colmes brands them, showing how liberalism translates into a successful map for maintaining America’s position as a beacon of freedom and democracy for the rest of the world.

Which liberals is Colmes talking about? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? Barack Obama? Thanks, but no thanks.

What these liberals have given us is bigger government, higher deficits and an exploding national debt that will act like an albatross around America’s neck and slowly sink this country. We are already seeing some of that happening today.

Next time you want to write a book Alan, don’t forget to take off your rose-colored glasses.

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