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I’ve never been a big fan of cable news’ use of the news ticker, or crawl, that appears on virtually every program they air, but now Al Sharpton and apparently Ed Schultz have decided to commandeer the ticker for advocacy.

According to Colby Hall of Mediaite, during Sharpton’s interview with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on the payroll tax plan extension that was scheduled for a vote Thursday evening, the news ticker changed into a running list naming each state and the number of millionaires that were being protected by the Republicans and how many workers could be helped if the extension was passed.

I’m not under any illusion that both Sharpton and MSNBC are anything but left-wing. While the network has every right to air their drivel, should they be turning the news ticker into another tool to push their agenda?

As much as I loathe the ticker, I’m used to it and it apparently works, otherwise the cable news networks wouldn’t be using it. But to turn it into a crawl of liberal talking points seems abusive of the system. I guess for unabashed liberals, turning every iota of their programs into the Republicans-are-evil-and-cruel mantra shouldn’t surprise anyone.

As Hall reported, Sharpton is apparently not the only abuser of his program’s viewers’ television screen space, the other being Ed Schultz, which means that MSNBC must be planning to make this a regular feature on all its primetime programs.

Just imagine if Fox News had tried this. The liberal media would be screaming to the high heavens about this abuse of the airwaves. But since it’s only a liberal network it probably won’t raise any eyebrows.

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