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Fox News host Megyn Kelly sparred with black activist and noted race-baiter Al Sharpton on Wednesday about the Department of Justice’s report on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.

Kelly interviewed Sharpton at his National Action Network convention in New York City:

Kelly: Let me take you back to Ferguson, Missouri and the case there against Officer Darren Wilson. He shot and killed Michael Brown and said it was in self-defense. And you came out publicly and said that it wasn’t in self-defense, that there was no deadly threat to Officer Darren Wilson. The DOJ found that was not correct. They could find no evidence that he was not in fear of his life, and exonerated him. Do you feel bad about what you said?

Sharpton: No, don’t distort what the DOJ said. The DOJ said that they did not find evidence to prosecute him on civil rights.

Kelly: They said there was no reason to disbelieve, no evidence to disbelieve his story he was in fear of his life.

Sharpton: They said he was not in violation of civil rights and that they found no evidence that he was in fear, or not in fear…

Kelly: No, no. They said there was no evidence to disprove his statement that he was in fear of his life.

Sharpton defended his position by saying that if that’s what the DOJ said, it was contrary to what eyewitnesses had told him had happened.

Kelly pressed Sharpton about the DOJ investigation, saying that they had interviewed all the eyewitnesses and he hadn’t, plus it would be a crime if they lied to the DOJ about what they saw. But it isn’t a crime to lie to Rev. Al.

Sharpton refused to back down from his defense of Michael Brown and took umbrage at Kelly’s suggestion that he bears some responsibility for Wilson’s current situation—no job, no life—given the notoriety he has faced thanks in part to Sharpton’s actions.

It was very clear from the interview that Sharpton had never read the DOJ report. He was only interested in perpetuating his racist rhetoric about what happened in Ferguson rather than admit that he was dead wrong and that he helped ruin a police officer’s life. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone who has watched Sharpton operate over the last 30 years.


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