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On Tuesday of last week, two reporters who identified themselves as being affiliated with Al Jazeera English were thrown out of a pro-Israel conference in Washington, D.C. after filming events that were closed to the press.

aljazeeraChristians United For Israel (CUFI) had originally denied press credentials to the reporters, due to Al Jazeera’s anti-Israel bias. So the reporters bought full-priced tickets to gain entry to the event.

The Washington Free Beacon identified the reporters as Matthew Cassel and Micah Garen, and said that they were ejected after recording events with their hidden cameras.

According to the Free Beacon, CUFI had denied credentials to Al Jazeera America and Al Jazeera English due to the recent publication of an anti-Semitic screed by Columbia University professor Joseph Massad.

Cassel left the Washington Convention Center without incident, but Garen got into a scuffle with security officers and had to be physically restrained.

Not exactly the kind of publicity that Al Jazeera was looking for prior to the upcoming launch of Al Jazeera English’s sister network Al Jazeera America.

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