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Five years after its launch, the Qatar funded Al Jazeera English (AJE) television network has finally landed on a major cable system in the U.S.

Time Warner Cable (TWC), the nation’s number two cable television provider with nearly 15 million subscribers, launched AJE on its system in New York City as of midnight last night.

The network, which has been available on cable systems in Toledo, OH, Burlington, VT and Washington, D.C., has up to now been unsuccessful in convincing any of the major cable operators to carry its programming thanks in large part to the efforts of Accuracy in Media, which launched a “Stop Al Jazeera” campaign in 2008 that labeled Al-Jazeera as “Terror Television.”

Al Jazeera English has tried to portray itself as more of a mainstream operation with a unique view on what is happening in the Middle East, particularly in Arabic speaking countries, and its coverage this year of the “Arab Spring” seems to have calmed the fears of cable news execs at Time Warner that the channel was a propaganda tool for terrorist elements overseas.

AIM has pointed out, though, how Al Jazeera and AJE have cleverly manipulated words and images to fan the flames of anti-Americanism, which the execs at TWC apparently missed. This effort even bothered left-wing anchor Dave Marash, who resigned from AJE citing an anti-American bias at the network, which caused him concern.

AIM’s Cliff Kincaid has documented here and here more recent examples of the ongoing ties between al-Qaeda and Al Jazeera.

AJE is obviously hoping that the New York City launch will open the floodgates to wider acceptance of their network, but there in no indication from Time Warner Cable that they are planning to expand this experiment to the rest of their system.

Hopefully this move by TWC, which is carrying AJE on it’s Regional News Networks, won’t expand beyond the New York City area. But it does serve as another example of how a combination of liberal media bias and political correctness can triumph over protecting our country from forces that are determined to destroy it.

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