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Former Vice President Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera, charging that the network has withheld tens of millions of dollars that are owed to Gore and his partners from the sale of Current TV last year.

Al Jazeera agreed to pay Gore and his shareholders, which includes Comcast, $500 million for the struggling network. They rebranded under the Al Jazeera America label.

Gore is accusing Al Jazeera of refusing to turn over tens of millions of dollars located in an escrow account that is owed to Current Media shareholders, per the merger agreement from January 2013.

The lawsuit was filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery by Gore’s attorney, David Boies—he of Gore v. Bush fame, among other cases.

Dawn Bridges, executive vice president of communications for Al Jazeera, told Politico that the organization is reviewing the complaint and may comment further once they have fully reviewed everything.

In addition to the $500 million purchase price, Al Jazeera America has spent millions of dollars building a dozen U.S. bureaus and hiring staff, but has failed to attract advertisers or ratings. As a result, it has probably been a much larger financial flop than Al Jazeera’s Qatari government owners anticipated.

Rather than suing Al Jazeera, Gore should be thanking them for taking his low-rated, money-losing network off his hands at a handsome price.

Then again, it was never really about the money for the Qatari government—but about establishing a beachhead for their propaganda-laden network and their Islamist goals.




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