Accuracy in Media

During an interview with Bloomberg TV, former vice president Al Gore said that he was proud of what Current TV accomplished, and that its Countdown with Keith Olbermann program “lifted up” the Occupy movement.

Well I’m really proud of what my co-founder Joel Hyatt and I were able to do with Current. We built a tremendous amount of value. We won most all of the significant awards in television journalism. We had an impact on the debate in this country. I think for example, the whole Occupy movement was really lifted up by Countdown. And there are plenty of other examples. We learned a lot of lessons during that journey, and we did have to shift gears and go to plan b. We had originally hoped to base the entire network on viewer-contributed content, or user-generated as some people call it. And that had limited success and we had to shift to a news and commentary format, but again it was very successful and we had a great outcome, and I think the net result for the country is going to be very good.

Tremendous amount of value? Certainly not for the audience, which was but a mere blip on the ratings radar screen. But if Gore is talking about how much he and his partners made after selling (pawning) the network off last January to Al Jazeera for $500 million, then he is right—and he is laughing all the way to the bank.

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