Accuracy in Media

Liberal talk radio network Air America continues to struggle after less than 2 months on the air. The latest development came Monday when the network shut down its sales offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. The network has been unable to get back on the air in those cities after a financial dispute with the stations owners resulted in Air America programs being dropped shortly after the network launched.

Other problems include the departure of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Head of Programming as well as the the CEO stepping down to accept a lesser role with the network. “It makes you wonder why everybody is leaving the company,” said Michael Harrison, editor for Talkers magazine. As the problems multiply, the Chicago Tribune reported on May14th that the Chicago area couple that owned the stations that eventually became the Air America network are close to buying them back along with another investor. There is no indication that if this sale goes through that the network will actually survive.

While Air America is still flying, it’s quickly losing altitude and if it doesn’t get some oxygen (money) soon it is likely to crash and burn.

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