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Not long after it was announced that CNN was revamping the struggling Parker Spitzer show by dumping co-host Kathleen Parker rumors surface that the network wasn’t done tinkering with their evening lineup.

The next show that may face a makeover is John King USA which competes in the 7 p.m. slot against Fox’s Shephard Smith and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has struggled to find an audience like most of the shows on CNN.

According to the Wall Street Journal changes could be coming.

The course correction comes as the network considers other changes to its evening lineup to reverse steep audience declines. According to people familiar with the situation, CNN is looking closely at its 7 p.m. hour, which features a political program hosted by John King. The network also continues to express interest in “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric, whose deal with CBS Corp. expires near the start of June.

TV Newser’s Alex Weprin reported that he was told by an insider at CNN shortly after the program launched in 2010 that the future of the program would depend on how it performed leading up to the 2010 elections.

Unfortunately for CNN  King’s program didn’t give it the expected ratings bump and is mired in third place along with the rest of the evening lineup.

Even though there are rumors of Couric joining CNN  it would be a risky move as she has never gained much of a following at CBS and is largely out of her element doing hard news which dominates the cable news evening schedule.

If there is a revamp or makeover coming CNN may wait a month or two to see how the new Spitzer led program does before making any more decisions.

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