Accuracy in Media

Television and film star Lara Flynn Boyle has announce that she supports President Bush. In The Reliable Source column from the May 19th edition of The Washington Post Boyle is quoted as saying “I’m Irish Catholic,so a Democrat by blood” “but I’m 100 percent for Bush. I want my president to be like my agent:Not afraid of people, but wants my best interest.” Boyle, who most recently starred in ABC television’s “The Practice” has now added herself to the growing list of Hollywood Republicans.

In the same column however, the author, Richard Leiby couldn’t just report the story. He had to get in a dig at the Republicans by asking how many are there in Hollywood, Five? If Leiby was serious about accuracy he would have remembered the list includes Arnold Swarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Bo Derek, Pat Sajak, Charlton Heston and so on. Actress Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond even has gone so far as to serve as the honorary chair of Feminsits for Life.

It’s true that Hollywood isn’t very hospitable to conservatives, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any as the media would have you believe. For more information on this read Tales From the Left Coast by James Hirsen.

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