Accuracy in Media

As the year comes to a close ABC News decided it was a good time to roll out a new branding campaign, namely that is is time for viewers to “See the Whole Picture.”

“We know how it feels. Right now there’s so much information coming at us that it’s almost dizzying. But what if there was one place committed to making sense of it all. Committed to connecting the dots, for you –- breaking things down. Not just talking at you, but making things clear -– less confusion –- more understanding. That’s the promise every day of ABC News. Watch and you’ll ‘See the Whole Picture.’”

It’s somewhat encouraging that ABC News says it wants to give viewers the “whole picture.” But does that mean that they will do so in an accurate and unbiased manner, as opposed to the news as they see it through a liberal lens? We can only hope.

Otherwise ABC News’ rebranding will turn out to be nothing more than taking the same old mainstream news reporting and putting it in a shiny new package just in time for Christmas.

That’s not a present, rather more like a lump of coal.

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