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Hillary Rodham Clinton

In a rather remarkable report, ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl briefly recapped how 2014 “didn’t go exactly as planned” for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the report, Karl reminded viewers of some of her missteps, from the “dead broke” comment in her interview with Diane Sawyer, to her $200,000 speaking fees and her criticism of Obama’s foreign policy with regard to the rise of the Islamic State, which she either struggled to defend or, from which she had to backtrack.

Then there was her potential presidential candidacy in 2016, where former Obama adviser David Axelrod warned that she was in danger of making the same mistake in 2016 as she did in 2008:

Hillary’s candidacy got out in front of any rationale for it, and the danger is that that’s happening again. You hear ‘Ready for Hillary,’ it’s like, ready for what?

Hillary did have a defender of sorts in DNC Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile, who admitted that while Clinton didn’t have a stellar year politically, it was likely due to the fact that she’s been off the campaign trail for four and a half years, and that she just needs to “regain her political footing.”

That might be hard to do, though, considering that Hillary is not as politically savvy as her husband Bill, and that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is nipping at her heels with a populist message that has enamored the far-left and provides a potentially formidable primary opponent, should she decide to run for president.

Last year may not have been a good one for Hillary, but there are signs that 2015 won’t be any easier for the woman once considered by Democrats as the inevitable 2016 nominee—as liberal enthusiasm for her wanes.

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