Accuracy in Media

Politico reported yesterday that ABC News president Ben Sherwood told the staff that Brian Ross’ inaccurate report suggesting that the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter may have been a member of the Tea Party has detracted from the network’s otherwise excellent coverage of the incident.

Sherwood’s remarks came during the network’s daily editorial conference call, after the network was pummeled by conservative bloggers  and late night comedians for the false accusation.

Also on Monday’s conference call was ABC News Senior VP James Goldston, who commended the staff for its work and mentioned the Ross report. He assured them that the network was taking steps to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again.

But those words ring hollow as ABC has allowed Ross to continue reporting on the story. Plus, Ross has never explained what drove him to try and tie the gunman, James Holmes, to the Tea Party, which has never had any violence associated with it, unlike Occupy Wall Street.

To admit the truth would expose Ross’s bias against the Tea Party and the media’s penchant for trying to tie every gunman to some group (preferably conservative) to not only discredit the group, but also to make the case for the need for more gun control.

ABC says they are taking steps to make sure that this type of thing will never happen again, but their actions belie their words.

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