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netanyahu wins reelection

The Obama administration’s hopes that they would be dealing with an Israeli prime minister more to their liking were dashed yesterday with what ABC News’ Alex Marquardt called a “stunning victory” that “none of the polls predicted:”

You can be sure there’s a lot of disappointment at the White House this morning, realizing they have to try and work with Netanyahu for the next two years. A man who has been such a thorn in their sides, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon with Netanyahu this week coming out against a Palestinian state after the Obama administration has been worked so hard on a peace process.

Marquardt added that the White House is still furious at Netanyahu’s speech before Congress two weeks ago, and that while “Netanyahu is savoring his victory this morning, this is not a triumph for U.S.-Israeli relations.”

And as long as Obama remains in office, those relations won’t improve.

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