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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to struggle with historically high negative numbers for honesty and trustworthiness. And as ABC News’ Cecilia Vega reports, Hillary’s campaign is trying to improve those numbers by attempting to shift the narrative away from her use of a private email server after she was questioned by the FBI for three-and-a-half hours on Saturday.

Vega appeared on ABC’s This Week with guest host Martha Raddatz.

Raddatz: Cecilia, What’s next for the campaign? What do they do about this?

Vega: Well, Martha, I think you’re seeing this strategy play out in real time. Just look at the timing of what happened yesterday. This interview took place on a Saturday morning, early Saturday morning over a holiday weekend. Hillary Clinton, there was reporters camped out in front of her houses in D.C. and Chappaqua, New York and no one saw. There were no videos, no photos of Hillary Clinton going in or out of the FBI headquarters. That’s the last thing the campaign wanted in this, for an image like that to emerge. Her campaign is certainly in damage control mode right now.

Vega then noted that Clinton has a big week ahead, including a campaign appearance with President Obama that took place today in North Carolina. The campaign was hoping that people would be distracted enough by 4th of July festivities to ignore the investigation:

Raddatz: But Cecilia, you cover this campaign every day. You talk to senior officials. Do they not get how serious this is, how this looks to voters?

Vega: You know what they get Martha? They get that trust and honesty is a huge problem for Hillary Clinton, if not the biggest problem facing her right now as she heads into this general election against Donald Trump.

Even Hillary Clinton mentions that issue, that she’s got recently on the campaign trail in a pretty rare moment of self reflection. She said she’s got a lot of work to do to prove to voters that she’s willing to work hard to win their trust. That is the problem for her going forward. You know, she’s clearly going to be working on that more. I’m been told by campaign sources that this issue of trust and self reflection is something we’re going to hear a lot more of.

But the real problem, Martha, is they may not be able to change all of these minds out there. You and I have both spoken with people all around this country, even Hillary Clinton supporters who say they don’t trust her either.

Raddatz: That’ s exactly what I saw Cecilia.

Despite Trump’s numerous campaign missteps, he still has an opportunity to hammer Clinton on her various scandals and remind voters that if she is elected she will run the country much like she ran the State Department and her political life—with impunity and little regard for the law.

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