Accuracy in Media

ABC News’ reality hidden-camera show What Would You Do? went undercover to see how bystanders would react to a little girl dressed up as a hooker, as originally portrayed by Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”

The segment was based on the furor that was raised last fall when a “pageant mom,” featured on the TLC reality show Toddlers and Tiaras, did just that with her three-year-old daughter, and was heavily criticized for doing so.

ABC hired actors to portray the pageant mom and daughter and then went to work at a girls’ clothing shop in New Jersey to get the little girl to “show us sexy.”

The “mother” had her “daughter” strut her stuff and even instructed her to “shimmy.”

What was ABC thinking?

It was bad enough when this really happened last fall, but why did ABC feel the need to replicate this example of bad parenting by going out and hiring an actor to play the child and dress her up as a prostitute? That was a great use of network resources!

I bet that if Fox News had tried a stunt like this we would hear the outrage all the way to the White House. But since it was ABC, they will more than likely get a pass from their liberal friends in the media and elsewhere.

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