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ABC News’ Dan Harris tried yesterday to find out what the message of the Occupy Movement was and received a series of different answers, from freedom of speech to bringing attention to the corporate hijacking of our government.

The best answer when Harris asked for a concrete goal was to “claim the concrete,” proving that most of the protesters have no idea what they are protesting.

ABC reinforced the lack of a cohesive unified message by showing some of the signs the protesters were carrying, from lowering gas prices to eradicating males. I’m not sure what that last one was all about since the woman who was holding it wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for a male.

Yesterday’s nationwide protests, though, may have been the beginning of the end for the movement. As Harris asked at the end of his report, after a large nationwide protest what does the movement do next?

Probably not much. Polls are increasingly showing that public support for the movement is waning as reports surface about violence and crime. Yesterday’s protests, which resulted in over 400 arrests and snarled traffic, didn’t help their public image.

The skepticism isn’t only relegated to ABC and conservatives.

Last night none other than Chris “Tingle” Matthews weighed in on the Occupy Movement by saying that while they were correct in targeting Wall Street, “they failed to speak out in clear terms about what they want done.” He said that was a “deadly failure” on their part.

Not only that, but who is going to take seriously a movement that elects a dog as its leader, as the Denver Occupiers did?

After two months the Occupy Movement is still unsure what their central message should be. Because of that they have turned from what the left saw as a promising political movement — a la the Tea Party — to nothing more than an angry mob.

I’d call that Occupy Failure.

Watch the video here.

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