Accuracy in Media

Who says it doesn’t pay to go to church? At the Abundant Life Christian Center in La Marque, TX congregants and visitors who attended New Years Eve services were entered into a drawing to win a new Saturn ION. The more they attended church the more chances they had to win. Gee if I had only known that instead of going to church for spiritual enlightenment and donating thousands of dollars over the years that instead I should have been asking the church to reward me for my faithfulness with a new car, I would have gone to church a lot sooner. I don’t understand how Pastor Hallam figures that using this gimmick to lure people to his church will actually result in many of them sticking around after the drawing. During Christmas talk often turns to spiritual gifts versus physical gifts, but based on the other items that the church has given away, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, P.T. Cruiser and even a new brick house in the past it appears that for Pastor Hallam and his congregation that life really is abundant.

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