Accuracy in Media

Democrats will point to yesterday’s election results as a sign that the Republicans are in trouble and are ripe for defeat in 2006. In reality it is still too early to tell what the voters will do next year as all the elections did yesterday was remind us that all politics is local.

In the two biggest races very little changed. Democratic Senator Jon Corzine from New Jersey succeeded a democratic governor in a very blue state. Though polls had called the race very tight it was never really very close. In Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine the current Lieutenant Governor easily beat former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore. Virginia is a solid red state but Kaine benefited from his close association with Governor Mark Warner whom most observers from both parties would agree did a pretty good job during his term. He was a moderate who managed to push through a large tax increase with republican help and was scandal free. Kilgore on the other hand was not a very magnetic candidate and he lacked any hot button issues to sway the voters. On the other hand a republican won the lieutenant governor’s race showing this wasn’t going to be a democratic sweep. The democrats hope to gain ground in the House of Delegates was dashed with results showing a net pick up of one seat leaving the republicans firmly in control for the next four years.

So while Howard Dean was ready to scream, it appears that voters opted for the status quo and more of the same could be in the works for 2006

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