Accuracy in Media

Ted Turner the billionaire founder of CNN addressing the National Association of Television Production Executives yesterday said that Fox News was a propaganda tool of the Bush administration and compared Fox’s popularity to Adolf Hitler when we ran Germany before World War II.

Ted has a very short and selective memory. During the first Iraq War in 1991 CNN assigned Peter Arnett to cover the war from Baghdad. Arnett’s reporting was so favorable to Saddam Hussein he earned the nickname “Baghdad Pete” and was even called a sympathizer by Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson. So which network is actually a propaganda tool?

 It’s interesting to note that while CNN enjoyed ratings success Ted and his successors never paid attention to conservative critics that the network was too liberally biased. Yet as soon as Fox’s ratings beat CNN”s and stayed there, CNN tried to imitate Fox by bringing in more conservatives.

I think Turner, an avowed liberal (remember Jane Fonda) is more upset that conservatives not only have a voice on television, but that their views soundly beat the liberal media networks night after night.

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