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In a time of war and conflict, when this country must face challenges and opposition, Americans can often be spotted proudly displaying the slogan ‘United We Stand’ in an attempt to flaunt their patriotism for our country and for our cause. But to David Jackson, founder of Partnerships for Global Education, that jingoistic statement simply is not enough.

“I don’t want ‘United We Stand’ just to be a clich?,” Jackson explained.  “I want it to have real meaning.”

To that end, Jackson formed his company as a means of providing greater support to the educational institutions across the nation, in hopes that students will learn more about American principles and become a better informed citizenry. 

“We need to teach history, we need to teach philosophy, we need to teach thinking skills, we need to teach all the discipline that has come to bear on students to make them all that they can be, thus making America what it ought to be and can be,” Jackson said, as he expressed hope that his organization could achieve such an extensive impact on education.

In conjunction with the establishment of Partnerships for Global Education and the goals that it plans to accomplish, Jackson created a T-shirt with a message that encapsulates all of his thoughts into one simple, loaded statement: “United We Stand.  Educated We Understand.” Designed with a black background, the slogan appears at the front and center of the T-shirt, alongside the American flag.  Regarding potential market demand for the shirt, he stated, “With this message on it, I think it would resonate well with young kids, with students, certainly with parents, and [with] the American citizenry in general.”

Jackson described his choice of words for the latter part of the slogan: “While it’s great to say ‘United We Stand,’ we need to know why we’re united. We need to know why we want to be united and stand together. Without that kind of knowledge, anything could tear you apart and tear you down.”  

He continued by providing greater detail about the importance of education, discussing what he feels must be emphasized to a greater extent in classrooms and lecture halls around the country. Asking, “So what are the things we understand?,” Jackson then offered his own answer: “We understand what the country is about, we understand the Constitution, we understand the pillars that keep this country afloat, and what makes this country the greatest country on earth. That’s what we need to understand.”

Having been in the education business for over thirty years and currently serving as a full-time employee of the United States Department of Education, Jackson believes he possesses the necessary expertise in order to instigate change in our education programs and infrastructure. However, he was clear in noting that Partnerships for Global Education is his own private venture, completely separate from his work in the public sector. Alongside him in this endeavor is his business partner David Humphrey, a self-described “pushy New Yorker,” who has helped with the marketing efforts by spreading the word about the ambitions of the company as well as the promotion of the T-shirt.

Jackson and Humphrey met only recently through a mutual friend, and they immediately connected over their similar views on politics. After Jackson shared with Humphrey his ideas for the business and the shirt, they decided to make this a joint effort and work as a team, combining their skills and utilizing them to their fullest extent in order to define the goals of the company and attempt to achieve them. Yet Humphrey joked, “I’ve been doing all the work since then!”

Incorporated in the state of Virginia, Partnerships for Global Education, LTD., is still in its early development. Currently operating out of Jackson’s home, future plans include regional offices across the country and a running website. But Jackson maintains even higher aspirations for his recently founded organization.

“I want [Partnerships for Global Education] to be an ongoing entity in the educational community,” he said. “I see it in the future becoming maybe a think tank, and to be? coordinating activities with other organizations. I don’t see it as being a stand-alone [establishment]-never did think about it in those terms.”

At the moment, Jackson and Humphrey are focusing on earning revenue for the company in order to turn their lofty ideas into reality, and the merchandising of the T-shirt is a fundamental part of this strategy. Not yet sure of the exact price, they hope to sell the shirt between $15 and $20. Having completed his own “non-scientific test marketing,” Jackson claimed his shirt has received “overwhelming acceptance” from those who have seen the design and read the message. He hopes to receive the same positive reaction once the shirt begins to be sold publicly.

After reaching a certain monetary goal, the two business partners then plan to apply for 501C status, a term referring to tax exemption for gift-giving organizations, in order to establish their own grant fund, from which educational institutions may be able to receive benefits. They intend to use each source of revenue for the company, whether through T-shirt sales or fundraisers, as a means of financing a future grant program, which has yet to be officially named. Their current budget plans project that the first grant provisions will be able to be issued in twelve months.

“We often hear about? the lack of funding available to carry out specific programs,” Jackson conveyed. “They need a way to get some financial resources, and one of the things I plan to do? is to raise the kind of capital that I can then give out grants to deserving organizations and institutions, and to make financial donations towards those organizations that [are] involved in education and promoting citizenry here in the country.”

Jackson’s knowledge of the education industry allows him to understand the voids that exist in the schooling of students today, and he hopes that his organization can lead the way in filling those gaps.

“I think I have something to offer,” he concluded. “We have to do a great job in educating our citizens? Through education we can achieve our goals.”

[Mr. Jackson can be contacted via e-mail at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or at Partnerships for Global Education, Ltd., 13212 Pennypacker Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033.  The shirts are made of high-quality cotton with embroidered print. The shirts are being sold for $19.99. Inquiries and partnership interest are welcomed]

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