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Global Warming Peer Reviewed

Lord Christopher Monckton is known for many things.  He was a science advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and in recent years he developed the famous Eternity puzzle.  But most currently, Lord Monckton has been making waves with his many arguments against alleged global warming.  Lord Monckton addressed this very issue-climate change-at Accuracy in Media’s 40th Anniversary Conference, held on October 23, 2009.

Lord Monckton’s message was one of warning.  He began by discussing an article he had published in a United States scientific journal, Physics and Society.  The peer-reviewed article, he said, was printed-but shortly after its printing the editors who decided to run it were “sacked.”  And why?  Because it was deemed “inappropriate” to cycle information that could lead to conclusions that global warming is, in fact, a lie.  This is how “even in the learned journals the truth is not being told,” Lord Monckton said.

The actions of that journal make little sense in light of the science.  Lord Monckton made sure to cite every claim he made, and the claims he made were grand: “First of all, in the oceans, it has now been established by Douglas and Knox (2009) that there has been no warming, no heat accumulation, in the oceans for sixty-eight years.  That is fatal to the notion that CO2 or any other greenhouse gas has a major effect rather than merely a small one on temperature,” he said, adding that a man named Spencer “is about to publish a paper saying that as far as the clouds are concerned there is … only a warming of one Fahrenheit degree.”  The science supporting global warming “isn’t there,” according to Monckton.

He went on to ask the crucial question when it comes to global warming: if atmospheric carbon dioxide does indeed double in the next century, “How much warming will we get?” he asked.  “The UN says six degrees Fahrenheit, but what is the actual truth? “Once again the warming effect of CO2 over the entire next century will be about one Fahrenheit degree.  That’s all you need to know about the science,” Lord Monckton argued.

The problem here seems to be that the media, the United Nations, and the editors of journals like Physics and Society, have agendas that can only be implemented through eco-alarmism fueled by fake science.  As Lord Monckton pointed out, no one has died from global warming thus far-but people are starving to death as a result of aid food going to make biofuel instead.  No one has died from climate change but people die by the hundreds daily in Africa due to eco-alarm over things like the failure to spray DDT in order to prevent malaria.

“What the media-who have failed to report the truth about climate change-have managed to do is … to make the absurd seem simple, and the simple seem absurd,” Lord Christopher Monckton said.  “It is necessary to find the truth-or else people get hurt.”