Conference Program

On September 16th, the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi held its first conference at the Heritage Foundation. Ten of the Commission’s 13 members were on hand to address the audience, and the American public through a live webcast. We are currently in the process of posting individual videos of the comments of each of the Commission members, as well as of the seven featured speakers who also took part in the conference. There was a lively Q&A following each of the featured speakers. You can see who the various speakers were in this program from the event.

Please click on the name of the speakers to see the video of their presentation at the conference.

Roger Aronoff

ROGER ARONOFF: Good morning. We want to welcome everyone here, people here in the audience, as well as people who are watching this on our webcast. And this will be up on our website for a long time to come, so, I don’t know when exactly you’ll be seeing this. But I’m Roger Aronoff, the… Read more »

Col. Dick Brauer Jr., USAF (Ret.)

ROGER ARONOFF: First up is going to be Colonel Dick Brauer, Jr., U.S. Air Force Retired. Colonel Dick Brauer amassed 5,200 hours of world-wide flying, attaining the aeronautical rating of Master Navigator. His tours of flying duty and deployments included Southeast Asia, Vietnam ’67 to ’68, Europe Central and South America, ’68 to ’71, and… Read more »

Clare Lopez, former CIA officer

ROGER ARONOFF: Next up is Clare Lopez. Clare is a former CIA officer. She is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on national defense, Islam, Iran, and counterterrorism issues. Currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, the Clarion Project, and the Canadian Meighen Institute, and Vice President of the… Read more »

Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.)

ROGER ARONOFF: We have one more introductory speech, and that is by Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army Retired. During Major General Paul Vallely’s distinguished 32-year army career, he served in many overseas theaters, including Europe and the Pacific Rim countries, as well as his two tours in Vietnam. His combat service in Vietnam included… Read more »

Rep. Frank Wolf

Rep. Frank Wolf at AIM’s Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi on September 16th, 2013 Allison Auditorium, The Heritage Foundation Congressman Frank Wolf, who has repre­sented the Northern Virginia suburbs since 1981, has not only become the dean of Vir­ginia’s congressional delegation, but is also the only Republican who currently represents the Washington D.C. area. While his… Read more »

Christopher Farrell

Speech and Q&A ROGER ARONOFF: But our next speaker is Chris Farrell, Christopher Farrell, the Director of Investigations and Research with Judicial Watch. Chris served as a military intelligence officer specializing in counterintelligence and human intelligence. His advanced training included the U.S. army, advanced counterintelligence training course, and the Combined Armed Services Staff School of… Read more »

Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret.)

ROGER ARONOFF: We’re going to start with General Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force Retired. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney served as a fighter pilot commander and strategic planner in the Air Force for 35 years. He is a command pilot with more than 4,100 flying hours, include 407 combat missions during the Vietnam war. He also… Read more »

Adm. James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.)

ROGER ARONOFF: Next up we have Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, U.S. Navy Retired. Admiral Lyons was a U.S. Navy officer for 36 years, serving most recently as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the largest single military command in the world, where his initiatives directly contributed to the economic stability and humanitarian understanding in the… Read more »

Lt. Col. Ken Benway, U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired)

ROGER ARONOFF: Next speaker is a member of the Commission, Lieutenant Colonel Ken Benway, U.S. Army retired. Lieutenant Colonel Benway enlisted in the U.S. Army as a parachute infantryman in 1966. He underwent army special forces training and deployed to Vietnam, serving from 1967 to ’68 as a special forces medic with a Chinese Nung… Read more »