Roger Aronoff has worked as a journalist, TV producer, director, writer and distributor.  He has written, produced and directed award-winning documentaries including Confronting Iraq: Conflict and HopeThe Clinton Legacy and TWA 800: The Search for the Truth.

Aronoff has been a frequent  guest commentator on Neil Cavuto’s shows on the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, as well as on One America News’ “Daily Ledger.”  He has also been a guest commentator on National Public Radio, Air America, CNN, CNBC’s “Kudlow & Company,” Court TV, Russia Today, and CTV (Canadian TV), among others. A University of Texas graduate with a B.A. in History, Aronoff has worked as a freelance journalist in South Africa and a columnist for the Jewish Herald Voice, and as a producer of syndicated radio and TV musical/variety programs, including “Woodstock: Ten Years Later,” “Billboard’s Artist of the Year,” “No Place But Texas,” and “Bravisimo.”

In 2008 Aronoff produced, directed and co-wrote a documentary that aired on many PBS stations called “Fighting Words: A Tale of How Liberals Created Neoconservatism,” and in 2009 produced a weekly public affairs show on PBS called “Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg.”