Accuracy in Media

New game forces young players into enact communism

A game released in October is teaching young, impressionable players that communism works. And gaming site Kotaku is helping popularize it and defending the indoctrination. The game, Victoria 3, is an economic and civilization sim game, and the way to win – to be more productive, richer – is to enact communism. Which is absurd, […]

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This is how easily Teen Vogue will abandon its politics

An estimated 63.9 million consumers were estimated to have shopped during Cyber Monday 2022.  Teen Vogue, a stout opponent of capitalism, should hate the thought of two days of supporting massive corporations like Amazon and Walmart making billions. The magazine features odes to socialism, lauded a book on “Escaping Capitalism,” and keeps a “CAPITALISM” keyword […]

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Funding censorship? Feds give millions to fight COVID ‘disinformation’

Government efforts to squelch purported misinformation and disinformation on the most contested subjects in American politics don’t stop with Cabinet-level agencies. The National Science Foundation has awarded at least $39 million in grants and contracts in fiscal years 2021 and 2022 for projects that target misinformation or disinformation, frequently pertaining to COVID-19 and elections. Two […]

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AP fires reporter behind bad Russia-Poland missile story

The Associated Press has fired the reporter behind a highly controversial news report that alleged a Russian missile strike killed two Polish citizens within the latter country’s borders. That report by James LaPorta, which has since been retracted from the AP’s website, originally claimed earlier this month that “a senior U.S. intelligence official said missiles crossed […]

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December 2022

12/2/2022 - DeSantis the latest victim of deliberate misinformation from Esquire

12/1/2022 - New game forces young players into enact communism

November 2022

11/30/2022 - Outlet lies to warn about parents taking an interest in what their children read

11/30/2022 - This is how easily Teen Vogue will abandon its politics

11/29/2022 - Free speech attacked in poor attempt at Elon Musk hit piece

11/28/2022 - Funding censorship? Feds give millions to fight COVID ‘disinformation’

11/24/2022 - Liberal outlets use insane logic to blame Herschel Walker for Colo. shooting

11/23/2022 - AP fires reporter behind bad Russia-Poland missile story

11/22/2022 - Desperate media clings to argument against Elon Musk owning Twitter

11/21/2022 - AIM exclusive: Berkeley students double down on ban of Jewish speakers

11/18/2022 - CNN prepares layoffs amid network’s financial, ratings woes

11/17/2022 - Gamers lied to about taxing the rich

11/16/2022 - Late-term abortions don’t happen, Cosmo says, but we need a clinic to give them

11/15/2022 - NBC suspends correspondent over Pelosi attack story

11/14/2022 - TV dramas make mockeries of themselves to vilify Republicans

11/11/2022 - Teen Vogue lies about teacher pay

11/10/2022 - Media outlet calls child gender transition ‘health care’

11/10/2022 - Media slams Katy Perry for supporting Republican

11/9/2022 - Victimhood created by BuzzFeed to push faulty wage argument

11/8/2022 - YouTube continues to push liberal biased election content

11/8/2022 - Only the GOP has cranks and conspiracy theorists, according to absurd article

11/7/2022 - Major outlet steers readers to support socialism

11/7/2022 - Media polls are wrong — and it’s not just a math problem

11/7/2022 - Senator’s wife exposes Dem secret plans in undercover AIM video

11/4/2022 - WSJ survey finds abortion not the big issue — but Jezebel twisted this information

11/3/2022 - No Democrat asked how to solve inflation Esquire says they caused

11/2/2022 - Republican candidate deliberately quoted out of context in Vice smear piece

11/1/2022 - Young girls served election misinformation by Teen Vogue

October 2022

10/31/2022 - Election ‘misinformation’ policing returns on Twitter

10/28/2022 - New UK PM not ‘diversity win,’ according to Vice, because he’s the wrong kind of diverse

10/28/2022 - JD Vance gets raw deal from multiple liberal outlets

10/27/2022 - Media pushes lie about election

10/26/2022 - Teen Vogue twists common practice as ‘secrecy’ to run hit piece

10/25/2022 - RNC sues Google over alleged censorship of campaign emails

10/25/2022 - Extremism ‘problem’ created by Vice just to blame Republicans

10/24/2022 - Made-up policing scenario serves as heart of misleading Vice piece

10/21/2022 - Pa. candidate falsely accused of running Russian propaganda in ludicrous Vice piece

10/21/2022 - Carolla, Dr. Drew reveal exactly why we mistrust mainstream media

10/21/2022 - Political video presented as straight news on NowThis

10/20/2022 - Drought and dry soil are not the same, despite The Verge’s fearmongering

10/18/2022 - Pro-abortion candidates are the only ones women need to know, according to Cosmo

10/18/2022 - Even the White House can’t explain inflation

10/17/2022 - Business Insider shows double standard in piece on Kanye West

10/17/2022 - Teen Vogue manipulates assault numbers to scare high schoolers

10/14/2022 - NowThis says public record requests are ‘harassment’

10/14/2022 - Teen Vogue publishes party-line indoctrination dressed up as election guide

10/13/2022 - UC Berkeley Law groups maintain antisemitic ban despite widespread condemnation

10/7/2022 - Vice lies about abortion laws

10/6/2022 - School board members reported mom to employer, DOJ for criticizing COVID school closures

10/6/2022 - Education media outlet tries to pass off biased expert as mere ‘parent‘ to force point

10/5/2022 - Business Insider gives pitiful attempt to rebrand buying house with friends

10/5/2022 - Elle lets Planned Parenthood call for censorship that would only allow pro-abortion views

10/4/2022 - Federally backed censorship machine raises separation of powers, election meddling questions

10/4/2022 - Media uses popularity of Bill Nye to push questionable science, climate change agenda

10/3/2022 - This may be the most tasteless take on Hurricane Ian

September 2022

9/30/2022 - Vice explains only one side in ‘explainer’ on murder parole case, gets the law wrong

9/29/2022 - Business Insider headline serves as get-out-the-vote operation for Democrats

9/29/2022 - Esquire says the quiet part out loud about CRT

9/28/2022 - Marjorie Taylor Greene rips HuffPost for ‘shooting them’ lies about ad

9/28/2022 - Forbes invalidates Trump fraud suit in attempt to bolster it

9/27/2022 - Jezebel calls Republican Senator ‘forced birth activist,’ then shows extreme hypocrisy

9/26/2022 - Jezebel hinges two pieces on abortion misinformation

9/23/2022 - Teen Vogue leaves out all relevant factors to push wage argument

9/22/2022 - Teen Vogue tries to cancel standardized testing

9/21/2022 - Vice gives perfect example of hypocrisy

9/21/2022 - Jezebel lies about Texas banning books

9/20/2022 - Teen Vogue runs White House talking points to criticize DeSantis

9/19/2022 - Teen Vogue presents union as impartial source on teacher shortage

9/16/2022 - Teen Vogue calls for social media to censor ads it disagrees with

9/16/2022 - The AIM Parent’s Guide to Influencers

9/15/2022 - Months after IPO, BuzzFeed stocks still tanking

9/14/2022 - Media parrot WH press sec, tell flat out lie about Graham bill

9/14/2022 - The AIM Parent’s Guide to CRT in Schools

9/13/2022 - NowThis uses Planned Parenthood to paint election tactic as exclusively Republican

9/12/2022 - Twitter beefs up tweet policing ahead of midterms amid debunking of secure 2020 election narrative

9/12/2022 - The AIM Parent’s Guide to One Seriously Misleading Classroom Resource

9/12/2022 - AIM Investigates: The difference our video made in Iowa

9/9/2022 - Forbes pushes bogus list of media outlets that publish only ‘real facts’

9/9/2022 - Mic accuses companies of using the ‘guise‘ of religious freedom for nefarious purposes

9/8/2022 - Cosmopolitan finds a new low in push for abortion

9/8/2022 - The AIM Parent’s Guide to New Media

9/8/2022 - The Intercept decides on story, makes up facts to support it in hit piece on Bank of America

9/7/2022 - AIM Investigates: How school choice has advanced in Tennessee since our hidden-camera video was released

9/6/2022 - BuzzFeed News leads readers astray with latest attempt at environmental virtue signaling

9/2/2022 - Tech site The Verge just now discovers how algorithms work, melts down

9/2/2022 - AIM Investigates: Here’s what has changed since the Idaho video was released

9/1/2022 - The Guardian flat-out lies about DeSantis bill

August 2022

8/31/2022 - Vice tries to hold conservative Twitter account to impossible standard

8/30/2022 - HuffPost includes few facts in ‘fact-check’ of Tucker Carlson

8/30/2022 - Mashable uses female empowerment piece to push own agenda

8/29/2022 - NowThis lets Warren lie about Harvard students’ loans

8/29/2022 - Esquire fearmongers about avian flu to score cheap political points

8/26/2022 - Esquire skews the truth on college debt forgiveness

8/26/2022 - Vice lies in headline, quietly buries clarification that changes entire piece

8/26/2022 - Zuckerberg says FBI pressure led Facebook to censor Hunter Biden laptop story

8/25/2022 - Forbes gets what Goldman Sachs said wrong to prop up student loan forgiveness

8/24/2022 - Forbes lets Democratic Party activist sell Inflation Act as ‘analysis’

8/24/2022 - Seventeen misleads teens on Florida abortion case

8/23/2022 - Business Insider so bent on pushing climate piece they don’t care they’re scaring children

8/22/2022 - NowThis puts out video trashing people who won’t help others get abortions

8/22/2022 - Hollywood demonizes decades-old TV shows to virtue signal

8/19/2022 - Teen Vogue doubles down on propaganda presented as ‘lesson plans’

8/18/2022 - Teen Vogue produces ‘dictionary’ to brainwash young readers

8/18/2022 - Can Congressmen actually tell us what causes inflation? We asked.

8/17/2022 - HuffPost lauds college prof for defying Florida law that does not apply to her

8/12/2022 - Mom sues school district to open antiracism meetings, as stifled dissenters gain wins over educrats

8/12/2022 - Vox buries the truth

8/10/2022 - CNN admits Hunter Biden ‘a real problem’ for Joe Biden, not ‘a right-wing media story’

8/9/2022 - The Verge criticizes US for using Russian uranium – but twists the answer to protect environmentalists

8/8/2022 - Teen Vogue runs shameless PR for Biden administration, Democratic Party

8/8/2022 - Can woke Hollywood survive Biden’s recession?

8/5/2022 - Marie Claire uses progressive org head as the only correct opinion on how to vote in midterms

8/5/2022 - Twitter stops censoring Epoch Times links following public outcry

8/4/2022 - Salon pushes piece so far from the truth it’s laughable

8/3/2022 - Facebook uses ‘moderation’ to drum up doubt about opposing views

8/2/2022 - NowThis props up partisan think tank as impartial commentator on Biden policy

8/1/2022 - Gizmodo lies in headline, buries the truth 6 paragraphs in

8/1/2022 - Salon suggests schools shouldn’t have to reveal what they teach — because that would reveal socialism

8/1/2022 - It’s official: Late Night TV turned on recession-era Biden

July 2022

7/29/2022 - CDC told Big Tech to censor COVID claims now debated by mainstream scientists, documents show

7/28/2022 - Media denies recession using pitiful technicality

7/28/2022 - Teen Vogue lies to readers, corrects itself on lie within same article

7/27/2022 - BuzzFeed News buries the truth among a bunch of misguided quote-tweets and misleading clickbait

7/26/2022 - Teen Vogue sugar-coats, simplifies climate solutions to mislead young readers

7/26/2022 - Democrats complain about being subject of the very censorship they have been calling for

7/25/2022 - Teen Vogue tells young readers there is no debate on topic that is absolutely a debate

7/22/2022 - Cosmopolitan pushes limp, faulty argument for student loan forgiveness

7/22/2022 - Washington Post lies to children in science simplification

7/21/2022 - Teen Vogue conflates statistics in attempt to dunk on the rich

7/21/2022 - Seventeen twists the numbers to make abortion seem like no big deal

7/20/2022 - Teen Vogue fails in ‘educating’ young readers on the working world

7/19/2022 - HuffPost skips over critical point in sex ed piece

7/19/2022 - Xbox pushes socialist propaganda on unwitting subscribers

7/18/2022 - HuffPost presents highly partisan source as neutral ‘constitutional law scholar’

7/18/2022 - BuzzFeed does absolutely no research in misguided complaint about prices

7/15/2022 - Marie Claire fearmongers over Internet privacy post-Roe

7/15/2022 - HuffPost clutches pearls over deficit in pitiful defense of abortion

7/14/2022 - Teen Vogue runs most bizarre ‘patriarchy’ piece yet

7/14/2022 - HuffPost lies in headline to push climate agenda

7/12/2022 - Teen Vogue pushes community schools without noting it’s basically teachers’ union propaganda

7/12/2022 - Salon misses the point and gets it wrong in piece criticizing Arizona teaching policy

7/11/2022 - Salon lies about ‘right-wing circles’ to push biased take on school vouchers

7/8/2022 - Salon outraged over DeSantis, Florida education standards

7/7/2022 - Salon misleads in headline ripping DeSantis education policy

7/7/2022 - Mic claims all justices who pray are inherently biased, must recuse themselves

7/6/2022 - Salon makes up story about Trump in misleading headline

7/5/2022 - Salon publishes pettiest possible complaint against the Catholic church

7/5/2022 - Vox thinks things are only democratic if they approve of them

7/1/2022 - Salon gets it totally wrong on how public schools work

7/1/2022 - This recession cost $4.7 trillion – and Vox and BuzzFeed cheered the spending every step of the way

7/1/2022 - Scientific American runs anti-science article in continued outrage over censorship abortion post

June 2022

6/30/2022 - Vice misrepresents comments from Texas AG, rips him for it

6/30/2022 - Late night pounces, seizes on Jan. 6 fake news story

6/29/2022 - Teen Vogue complains that influencers get more attention than grassroots activists – yes, really

6/29/2022 - Media mad that Facebook, Instagram are now censoring things they like

6/29/2022 - Vice ignores dozens of pregnancy centers firebombed since SCOTUS leak in piece mourning abortion clinic

6/28/2022 - ESG investing not working the way the Left wants it to

6/28/2022 - Vox: Don’t help women who choose not to have an abortion

6/27/2022 - Glamour abandons all logic in piece on Roe

6/27/2022 - This year’s Fourth of July will be much more expensive than last year’s

6/24/2022 - Vogue says overturning Roe means the US is not a ‘functioning democracy’ – here’s why they’re wrong

6/24/2022 - Bustle misleads about Judaism and abortion by using source that helped found Planned Parenthood

6/23/2022 - HuffPost assumes everyone’s stance in piece on potential closure of abortion clinics

6/22/2022 - Ars Technica publishes wild spin on high gas prices

6/22/2022 - Fast Company tries to silence anti-abortion talk by calling it ‘misinformation’

6/21/2022 - HuffPost manages to totally misunderstand Supreme Court decision

6/21/2022 - BuzzFeed demands credit card companies decline legal payments it disagrees with

6/20/2022 - Vice says CRT isn’t being taught in schools, then details how it is changing teaching

6/20/2022 - John Oliver gets it wrong in grand solution to housing crisis

6/17/2022 - Vox: Talk to your children about abortion! But leave the rest to the schools

6/17/2022 - Teen Vogue tries to teach young readers that the Supreme Court should be changed to assist its politics

6/16/2022 - Teen Vogue misleads readers on how union negotiations work

6/16/2022 - Obama-era law used to fund woke education policies locally

6/15/2022 - Glamour blames the patriarchy for tampon shortage

6/15/2022 - Rolling Stone misses the point in piece twisting senator’s words

6/14/2022 - Vice confidently fails to understand financial industry in piece on crypto

6/14/2022 - Sports Illustrated goes overboard in claim ‘American Democracy’ is in danger because of prayer

6/13/2022 - Left-leaning outlets grasp at straws trying to find someone to blame for inflation

6/10/2022 - Vox contradicts itself within the same week

6/10/2022 - Vox fearmongers in piece saying it’s a ‘terrifying time to have kids in America’

6/10/2022 - Key BuzzFeed execs bail on company’s stock

6/9/2022 - Salon asks ‘How many people died because Trump mocked mask-wearing?’, ignores that answer is ‘none’

6/9/2022 - Vox hypocritically lectures readers on scaring children about climate change

6/8/2022 - Salon backtracks from headline saying ‘Reagan’s racism saved lives’ – sort of

6/8/2022 - AIM investigation has Iowans fired up about school choice 

6/8/2022 - Salon: ‘Racism and toxic masculinity’ fuel mass shooters and GOP base

6/8/2022 - Vice decries book-banning because it doesn’t align with their views

6/7/2022 - Vice ignores Medicaid basics in piece ripping Florida policy on ‘gender-affirming care’

6/7/2022 - Vice approves of lobbyists using TikTok campaigns to indoctrinate children

6/6/2022 - Vox changes its tune on economics to match Biden administration

6/6/2022 - Hollywood actually stands up to China, and it pays off big

6/3/2022 - Fast Company: Pulse oximeters are racist

6/2/2022 - SPLC fails to understand the very basics of politics

6/2/2022 - Teen Vogue teaches readers how to spot flaws in its other articles

6/1/2022 - Rolling Stone draws false conclusion about Trump, Clinton and Russia

May 2022

5/31/2022 - Salon pushes absurd argument about gun control

5/31/2022 - Suburban Chicago high school district to implement race-based grading by 2023

5/27/2022 - Vice gets it entirely wrong on free-market capitalism

5/27/2022 - The Yankees race-bait on Twitter to divide America

5/27/2022 - Vox conflates the numbers in piece praising Australia’s gun control response

5/26/2022 - Vox neglects huge portion of history when reporting ‘historic’ food prices

5/26/2022 - NPR tries to tie food deserts to Buffalo shootings

5/25/2022 - Biden’s real gaffe was not telling Russia what he told China

5/25/2022 - U.S. spirals toward lawless carnage, BLM and woke corporations silent

5/25/2022 - Rolling Stone shows clear double standard in misleading piece on people ‘giving’ Kushner money

5/24/2022 - Vox picks a side in piece on fuel price gouging legislation

5/24/2022 - Vice fails to grasp simple reason U.S. car travel deaths are rising

5/23/2022 - Vice misses by a billion in climate change calculation

5/23/2022 - BuzzFeed News no longer covers much news as it fights for survival

5/22/2022 - Salon uses baby formula shortage to push climate change agenda

5/20/2022 - Rolling Stone makes enormous leap in piece on Buffalo shooter

5/20/2022 - Vox conflates poverty and inequality

5/18/2022 - HuffPost hits Bezos for questioning Biden

5/16/2022 - Vice claims meatpackers wrote COVID safety laws for themselves — but that’s not what the numbers show

5/13/2022 - PolitiFact fails to fact-check source in fact-checking piece

5/12/2022 - Vox suggests children being poor is worse than being aborted

5/12/2022 - Salon falsely calls book banning a far-right practice

5/11/2022 - Salon: Republicans should not talk about formula shortage because they hate children

5/10/2022 - Vox vs. capitalism

5/10/2022 - Vice lacks real intelligence

5/6/2022 - Salon needs a Constitutional law class

5/5/2022 - NYT bigoted attack on Elon Musk

5/5/2022 - HuffPost fails even the basics in piece on abortion rights

5/4/2022 - Teen Vogue misleads teens on Roe v. Wade, suggests they drop out of politics

5/4/2022 - Vice criticizes McConnell for thinking – like all Dems – child tax credit would be popular

5/3/2022 - Vox hits DeSantis, suggests there should be no scrutiny of elections

5/3/2022 - Business Insider uses activist as ‘expert’ in piece on Roe v. Wade

5/2/2022 - HuffPost falsely reports that ‘Trump told Pentagon to shoot George Floyd protesters’

5/2/2022 - Salon dreams up forged petition signature narrative

5/2/2022 - New Discovery+ show exploits children in drag

April 2022

4/29/2022 - NPR tries to spin opinion poll on gender and sexuality

4/29/2022 - Salon laments that ‘not everyone has the luxury to leave Twitter’

4/28/2022 - Vice paints absurd picture of Twitter if Musk brings back free speech

4/28/2022 - NY Times, other outlets get basic economics point wrong

4/27/2022 - Teen Vogue tells young readers that CRT isn’t really being taught in K-12 schools

4/27/2022 - Critical Race Theory isn’t about race or science or math — it’s about politics

4/26/2022 - Business Insider gives preferential treatment to billionaires who give them money

4/25/2022 - Salon adjusts for inflation for numbers they want bigger, chooses not to to create contrast

4/25/2022 - Vox, The Intercept hit DeSantis for ‘violating First Amendment’ because they disagree with him

4/22/2022 - Salon, Mashable try to defend newest renaming of Critical Race Theory

4/22/2022 - Mic pushes adoption of Chinese rule of law in the US

4/22/2022 - BuzzFeed ignores the science in CDC appeal

4/21/2022 - The Intercept criticizes steel industry for not doing something it’s already doing

4/21/2022 - Musk Twitter battle underscores doubts about progressive journalism’s survival

4/20/2022 - NPR uses biased source as ‘expert’

4/20/2022 - Press lies again about DeSantis — this time over textbooks

4/19/2022 - Teen Vogue pushes factually wrong tax propaganda

4/19/2022 - NowThis tries to make issue out of Florida education system working

4/18/2022 - Salon attacks Florida for book ban that isn’t. Oops.

4/18/2022 - HuffPost attacks Kushner but forgets Clintons

4/15/2022 - Salon misses entire point of First Amendment

4/15/2022 - Salon repeats idea that government should buy oil companies

4/15/2022 - Facebook should be censored – say would-be moderators talking to The Intercept

4/14/2022 - Salon drums up furor over firing that wasn’t

4/13/2022 - Warner Brothers won’t ‘say gay’ in China

4/13/2022 - BuzzFeed gets it wrong in piece that claims eating bugs will save us

4/13/2022 - Vice omits primary reason in piece about work after incarceration

4/12/2022 - Salon mad Fox News is giving Biden the same treatment it gave Trump

4/12/2022 - Teen Vogue confuses young readers on insulin

4/12/2022 - Vox gets it wrong on credit card benefits

4/11/2022 - Salon fails to read its own source

4/8/2022 - Vice pushes wildly misleading headline to blame Trump

4/8/2022 - Vice rips Elon Musk for past discrimination suits, despite Vice’s history of the same

4/7/2022 - NowThis paints book banning as exclusively GOP problem

4/7/2022 - Vox pushes pitiful case for Starbucks unionization

4/6/2022 - Vice tries to have it both ways with changing political parties

4/6/2022 - Mic, Salon paint Republicans as trying to legalize statutory rape

4/6/2022 - Richard Dreyfuss: Woke will kill America

4/5/2022 - NowThis fudges the numbers in report on OMB finding

4/4/2022 - Salon grossly misinterprets research on media consumption, asks if Fox News viewers can be ‘deprogrammed’

4/4/2022 - Vice calls project it disagrees with ‘obviously nefarious’ propaganda

4/4/2022 - Liberal outlets use single judge’s opinion to make case against Trump

March 2022

3/31/2022 - Vice laments that get people who defaulted on loans have poor credit

3/31/2022 - BuzzFeed reaps what it sowed in duplicity on labor

3/30/2022 - Teen Vogue misses point in criticism of school assignment

3/30/2022 - NY Times misleads in piece on coal

3/29/2022 - Vox publishes long piece on inflation centered on misunderstanding of inflation

3/29/2022 - Lionized for Covid lockdowns, press suddenly turns anti-China on lockdown 

3/28/2022 - Salon misinterprets the numbers in piece on falling ruble

3/28/2022 - Vice overplays tiny Google Fiber ‘unionization‘

3/28/2022 - The more Hollywood goes woke, the further Oscars’ ratings fall

3/25/2022 - Vanity Fair’s support for women in high offices conditional on ideology

3/24/2022 - Vox blames capitalism for yet another ’problem‘

3/24/2022 - Salon misses major point in piece on Texas voting laws

3/23/2022 - Mashable fails to look up simple fact in Amazon piece

3/23/2022 - BuzzFeed’s results serve as warning for progressive ‘explanatory’ journalism

3/23/2022 - Nikole Hannah-Jones gets it wrong on tipping

3/22/2022 - Chelsea Handler: White men owe us an apology

3/22/2022 - Did Vice even try to get the numbers right on this piece?

3/22/2022 - Salon: ‘Media doesn’t care’ about ‘neo-fascist’ Trump anymore

3/21/2022 - Salon agrees pharma companies were right — sort of

3/18/2022 - Salon finds way to blame corporations for inflation

3/17/2022 - Vice pumps up puny Amazon strike

3/17/2022 - Salon rails against charter schools so they can attack Christian college

3/17/2022 - Vice accidentally concludes young Americans prefer capitalism to socialism – they’re just confused

3/16/2022 - HuffPost paints portrait of fear, then contradicts it within same piece

3/15/2022 - Teen Vogue, Vice ‘dunk’ on Trump by misquoting him

3/15/2022 - Salon bungles details in attempt to hit corporations

3/14/2022 - As Meta changes policy on calls for violence, one thing is clear: Government points stick, Big Tech uses stick

3/14/2022 - TikTok influencers are the new wartime propagandists

3/11/2022 - Intercept makes absurd argument to solve oil prices

3/11/2022 - Vox tries to solve ‘problem’ in banking

3/11/2022 - BuzzFeed’s great ‘Great Resignation’ enlightenment: Jobs are about making money

3/10/2022 - Salon: Humans must be trained to want less

3/10/2022 - BuzzFeed needs to know: What unions used to do can now be found on Amazon

3/9/2022 - Teen Vogue tells its young readers that all problems are from capitalism

3/9/2022 - Salon falsely reports scare piece on food prices

3/8/2022 - Vice repeats press release rather than reporting

3/8/2022 - Vox dusts off an old lie to discourage drilling

3/7/2022 - Teen Vogue blames the patriarchy ‘and beyond’ for climate crisis

3/7/2022 - Russians use liberal playbook to muzzle the press

3/4/2022 - NPR conflates racism and following international law

3/4/2022 - Salon uses scant evidence to push anti-Trump narrative

3/3/2022 - The Intercept fails at examining Biden claims in SOTU

3/3/2022 - Teen Vogue pushes argument that could endanger its young readers

3/3/2022 - Vice dismisses Russia versus Ukraine as ‘white-on-white’ crime

3/2/2022 - Vox publishes union demands as neutral piece on travel nursing

3/2/2022 - NowThis turns benign story into blatant falsehood with bad headline

3/1/2022 - HuffPost: Trump can take no credit for NATO improvement

3/1/2022 - After year one, Biden’s not the FDR Vox wanted him to be

3/1/2022 - Donations from Vox, Biden to Russian oil made high gas prices and war in Ukraine possible

February 2022

2/28/2022 - Vice, Salon blame Trump for war in Ukraine

2/25/2022 - Teen Vogue bases entire argument on minimum wage falsehood

2/25/2022 - Intercept worries about funding Ukranian group because they’re right-wing

2/25/2022 - Vice peddles liberal conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories

2/24/2022 - Amid racial identity theater, Black voters balk at inflation just like everyone else

2/23/2022 - Teen Vogue: Forgive student loans so people can take vacations

2/23/2022 - Vox tries to solve ‘problem’ of Joe Rogan

2/23/2022 - Variety film critic says the quiet part out loud: Hollywood promotes sexualization of children

2/22/2022 - Vice publishes contradictory pieces on the very same day

2/22/2022 - Salon reports only one piece of climate change report, but not piece that negates it

2/22/2022 - Vox ignores Dems’ election reality in hailing bipartisan surge

2/21/2022 - Salon misunderstands report, comes away with cars having $1M price tag

2/21/2022 - YouTube tries to delete early Covid history… because it can

2/21/2022 - Vox misses major factor in piece decrying pollution

2/18/2022 - Wallace Shawn stands up to cancel culture, Hollywood groupthink

2/18/2022 - HuffPost, NPR get it wrong on child tax credit

2/17/2022 - Neil Young’s $150 million payday means Young risked nothing in Spotify duel, while asking others to risk all

2/17/2022 - HuffPost shouts at Tom Cotton — but Cotton is right

2/16/2022 - Business Insider confuses facts in piece on Durham filing

2/16/2022 - Vice News, which said ivermectin is dangerous, just said high doses of LSD ‘remarkably safe’

2/15/2022 - Vice fails to flag propaganda in new piece

2/15/2022 - Teen Vogue teams with public school activists to sexualize children

2/14/2022 - Salon makes absurd claim about prescription drugs

2/14/2022 - Teen Vogue: Canadian freedom convoy is ‘occupation,’ ‘insurrection’

2/14/2022 - BuzzFeed warns about the dangers of ‘bouncy castles’ from Freedom Convoy while ignoring CHOP’s violent anarchists

2/14/2022 - Newsweek: Ron DeSantis approves bill that prohibits race ‘guilt’ — this is bad

2/13/2022 - Intercept misleads readers in clickbait piece against Elon Musk

2/11/2022 - Vice uses Olympics to push dramatically wrong climate change article

2/10/2022 - Vice hit piece on Amazon’s ‘subsidies’ illustrates no subsidies at all

2/10/2022 - Salon: Gerrymandering is fine if Democrats do it

2/9/2022 - Vox: Supreme Court decision equates to reimposition of Jim Crow

2/9/2022 - Money spent fighting Covid didn’t go to fight Covid — but the press won’t talk about that

2/9/2022 - Showtime’s new racial justice documentary is political propaganda

2/8/2022 - Vice: Supreme Court justices should not speak to groups if they aren’t progressive

2/8/2022 - Latest effort to cancel Joe Rogan is a coordinated media hit job

2/7/2022 - Media picks and chooses which fundraising to criticize

2/7/2022 - UPenn trans swimmer case shows the consequences of today’s progressive advocacy combine

2/7/2022 - ESPN commentator claims US voter ID laws are as bad as Chinese genocide

2/4/2022 - Vox’s billionaire envy shows in anti-space-exploration screed

2/4/2022 - NowThis lies about Supreme Court opinions, covers for Biden

2/3/2022 - BuzzFeed falsely paints cancer issue as race issue

2/2/2022 - American Prospect repeats falsehood that supports own agenda

2/2/2022 - Who apologizes to DeSantis? Johns Hopkins study finds lockdowns ineffective

2/1/2022 - NowThis uses John Kerry video to push partisan agenda

2/1/2022 - Nearly every media outlet gets it wrong about Joe Rogan

January 2022

1/31/2022 - MSNBC makes wild claims about truckers

1/31/2022 - No masks for California politicos as children can’t breathe freely

1/28/2022 - TikTok exposes its double standard on genocide

1/27/2022 - HuffPost tries to make part of law it doesn’t like Trump’s fault

1/27/2022 - Coke is turning genocide into corporate policy after third Olympics sponsoring Nazis, Communists

1/26/2022 - As Facebook rebrands, user privacy even outside the platform is crumbling

1/26/2022 - Vice accuses Alabama of reimposing Jim Crow

1/26/2022 - Mic falsely concludes climate change will end Winter Olympics

1/25/2022 - Disney, Spielberg cave to China with Jurassic World and Fight Club compromises for communist cash

1/25/2022 - Salon entirely misunderstands Roe v. Wade decision

1/25/2022 - HuffPost deliberately twists Trump quote

1/24/2022 - Intercept jeers right-wing media in latest misunderstanding of statistics

1/24/2022 - Thanks to ESPN, College basketball goes on in full stadiums as Covid cancels college classes

1/21/2022 - Vice treats Doomsday Clock as truth despite lack of science

1/21/2022 - Fast Company lets pizza chain run PR campaign

1/21/2022 - Deadline Hollywood reveals stunning ignorance about American history

1/20/2022 - M&Ms get woke

1/20/2022 - Hey Coke? The Maoist dictatorship at the Beijing Olympics is the ‘Real Thing’

1/20/2022 - VOX’s Recode: bad economics

1/19/2022 - Outlet inadvertently reveals the danger of fact-checking Facebook

1/19/2022 - The Intercept runs puff piece propping up Social Security

1/18/2022 - Vice News: We can’t debate issues because it makes people sad

1/17/2022 - The Sun equates conservativism to meth addiction, drunk driving in effort to politicize Bob Saget’s death

1/17/2022 - Vox cries: ‘Long-live bipartisanship, bipartisanship is dead!’

1/17/2022 - HuffPost drums up anger by misrepresenting billionaires’ gains

1/14/2022 - Vox blames Texas Covid problem on Republicans

1/14/2022 - BuzzFeed’s financial failures are ominous for digital woke media

1/13/2022 - Vice uses false anti-capitalism argument in piece on vaccines

1/13/2022 - Fact-checkers push for YouTube to hire fact-checkers

1/13/2022 - Salon calls uses Dem report as unbiased source

1/12/2022 - Self Magazine puts woke agenda ahead of reader safety

1/11/2022 - Vice: We should not test voting machines to ensure integrity

1/10/2022 - Vice wrongly uses ‘fact check’ to prove point

1/10/2022 - Vox misses entire point of Supreme Court

1/10/2022 - Vox changes masking, lockdown rhetoric to cover for Joe Biden

1/7/2022 - Mashable pushes false info in piece lauding climate change breakthrough

1/7/2022 - Media continue to warn that ‘democracy is in danger’ – here’s what they’re missing

1/7/2022 - Vox awards ‘gold medal’ to Beijing for merciless Olympic lockdowns

1/6/2022 - Vox presents NEA board member as mere ‘high school math teacher’

1/6/2022 - The media has officially turned on Jon Stewart

1/5/2022 - Teen Vogue pushes roundup of Democrats’ comments as evidence Trump is terrible

1/5/2022 - Salon plays armchair psychologist for Trump, Biden

1/5/2022 - Twitter needs to update its abuse policies for a post-pandemic Chinese Communist Party

1/4/2022 - Media unite in push warning of Republican-led government collapse

1/4/2022 - Twitter needs to quit China now

1/3/2022 - Vox claims huge benefit of student loan forgiveness, backs it up with vacation stories

December 2021

12/31/2021 - Worst in Media No. 1 – Media Bailout

12/31/2021 - Despite praise from Vox, BuzzFeed, American Rescue Plan failed to ‘contain the virus’

12/30/2021 - Teen Vogue revives push to overthrow capitalism

12/30/2021 - Worst in Media No. 2 – The Cuomo team-up

12/29/2021 - Worst in Media No. 3 – The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

12/28/2021 - Media shows severe double standard in judging judge appointments

12/28/2021 - Fauci uses celebrity status to push mandate inconsistent with his own guidance

12/28/2021 - Worst in Media No. 4 – Reuters, other media front for Cuban regime

12/27/2021 - Worst in Media No. 5: Vice asks ‘Why are so many Marines Neo-Nazis’

12/25/2021 - Worst in Media 2021: The runners-up

12/22/2021 - Salon makes absurd argument for Build Back Better

12/22/2021 - If Fox News host should be ‘fired,’ should Fauci be, too?

12/21/2021 - Vox dumbfounded that people who have debt will be hurt more by return of debt repayments

12/21/2021 - Harry Potter reunion special erases J.K. Rowling

12/21/2021 - Vox politics reporter needs remedial civics class

12/20/2021 - Vox, NPR publish doomsday prophecies after seeming death of Build Back Better

12/20/2021 - Vice contradicts itself within the same article

12/20/2021 - Press needs to ask why science’s Covid fight has failed, because it has failed

12/17/2021 - BuzzFeed hosts own superspreader event after endless criticism of others

12/17/2021 - CRT is failing in public schools, and the media is to blame

12/16/2021 - Teen Vogue pretends to be anti-consumerism, blames stores for shoplifting

12/16/2021 - Salon suggests Fox News is the only biased outlet

12/16/2021 - Vice demonizes beloved author in piece that totally disregards the facts

12/16/2021 - Vice capitalizes on climate change hysteria

12/15/2021 - Media misinfo on billionaires and taxes comes to a head with Warren-Musk exchange

12/15/2021 - China pays American social media influencers to promote Olympics propaganda

12/14/2021 - Teen Vogue says tornadoes caused by capitalism

12/14/2021 - The press was wrong about cost of BBB to deficit, but what about BBB’s cost to inflation?  

12/14/2021 - The term Latinx may be offensive to Hispanics, but that won’t stop progressives

12/13/2021 - Business Insider wants no self-made U.S. Senators

12/13/2021 - BuzzFeed makes absurd claim about MLMs

12/13/2021 - Chicago heist begs question: Should Chicago hire own Rittenhouse to protect retailers?

12/13/2021 - Teen Vogue bungles CRT coverage again

12/10/2021 - ProPublica outraged over own misunderstanding about tax deductions

12/10/2021 - Vox declares the death of democracy because Dems might have harder time winning

12/10/2021 - Build Back Better bill essentially bribes media to support Dems

12/10/2021 - CNN should part ways with Lemon, too, if guilty of Smollett charges

12/10/2021 - Vox favors education laws supported by the KKK to keep immigrants down

12/9/2021 - Fake ‘non-partisan’ group shows true colors

12/9/2021 - Jimmy Kimmel trashes Ron DeSantis

12/8/2021 - Business Insider runs false report, cites misunderstanding of own article

12/8/2021 - Vice calls GOP ‘carpetbaggers’ as Dems face election crisis

12/7/2021 - BuzzFeed dealt major blow in SPAC deal

12/7/2021 - Intercept tries to defend Democrats for questionable ‘rising wages’

12/7/2021 - Press should ask White House why Russia chose Biden, not Trump

12/6/2021 - uses its ‘word of the year’ to demonize conservatives

12/6/2021 - Media covers for progressive policy fail as San Francisco suspends pot tax

12/6/2021 - Moderna lost $14.7 billion this week — and the media wants you to pay them more for their vaccines

12/3/2021 - BuzzFeed journalists outraged over having to follow ethics guidelines

12/3/2021 - Gallup poll confirms Vox, CNN, The Week have been misleading Americans

12/2/2021 - Vox paints parents who want input on education as villains

12/2/2021 - Teen Vogue makes bogus claims about CRT

12/2/2021 - Grassley – and America — demand real press, Congressional investigations of Hunter Biden corruption as evidence mounts

12/1/2021 - Teen Vogue drums up nonexistent race issue

12/1/2021 - Mashable uses lobbyists as expert sources

12/1/2021 - On inflation, pandemic, Biden and media have failed

November 2021

11/30/2021 - Teen Vogue, Rep. Khanna use clearly biased source in piece slamming fast fashion

11/30/2021 - Joe Rogan on Russia collusion hoax: ‘No one’s being held accountable’

11/30/2021 - Report suggests CNN’s Cuomo lied when he said he never offered advice in brother’s sex scandal

11/29/2021 - Salon tries to blame drug companies for new COVID variant

11/29/2021 - Left-leaning site tries to stir up Chick-fil-A conspiracy

11/29/2021 - Disney bows to China, removes Simpsons episode in Hong Kong

11/29/2021 - Ad featuring gay Santa shows appeasement of progressives has been a failure

11/29/2021 - MSNBC’s Ruhle blasts Dollar Tree for raising prices, dismisses inflation threat

11/29/2021 - Vice reports on TikTok ‘problem’ – doing things Vice doesn’t like

11/24/2021 - Another media lie proven: Brooks not fleeing crime, targeted people intentionally according to criminal complaint, arraignment

11/24/2021 - Accuracy in Media reveals Milwaukee DA in Waukesha case has deep ties to George Soros, progressives

11/23/2021 - Business Insider rewrites press release, fearmongers about Trader Joe’s

11/23/2021 - NBA star calls out China’s Xi Jinping

11/22/2021 - HuffPost skews report on Trump tax reforms

11/22/2021 - For Waukesha reactions, we can be truly unthankful to the press

11/19/2021 - Intercept wildly misinterprets point of Rittenhouse trial

11/19/2021 - Build Back Better may not work – but it will help the media

11/18/2021 - Teen Vogue: If you want stricter immigration laws, you’re defending the Great Replacement theory

11/18/2021 - Rittenhouse judge says what everyone is thinking in trashing ‘grossly irresponsible media’ 

11/18/2021 - Intercept makes questionable claim about infrastructure bill

11/17/2021 - Elon Musk hits Mashable for blatantly false claim

11/17/2021 - NPR misleads in critique of Pfizer deal

11/16/2021 - The press is the unindicted co-conspirator of Rittenhouse case 

11/15/2021 - Vice: It’s time to call basically everyone a fascist

11/15/2021 - Intercept misses key facts in blaming Saudi Arabia for inflation

11/15/2021 - Bad News Biden is good news to obliging press

11/12/2021 - The Intercept pushes wild pro-inflation argument

11/11/2021 - Teen Vogue tells half the story on the ‘Great Resignation’

11/10/2021 - Vice draws entirely wrong conclusion from Fed report

11/10/2021 - Jimmy Kimmel claims Americans only disapprove of Kamala Harris because they’re racist and sexist

11/9/2021 - Teen Vogue: Prosecuting potential criminals is unfair

11/8/2021 - Vice suggests Facebook remove views it disagrees with