Accuracy in Media

Whereas, Al-Jazeera has a long and proven history of anti-American bias;

Whereas a correspondent for Al-Jazeera, Tayseer Alouni, was convicted in Spain of collaboration with al Qaeda;

Whereas, captured videotape showed Al-Jazeera’s first managing director, Mohammed Jassem al-Ali, telling Uday Hussein that Al-Jazeera was at the service of the Saddam Hussein regime;

Whereas, many Jihadists have cited Al-Jazeera as the inspiration that led them to come and fight Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan;

Whereas, Al-Jazeera English has given favorable coverage to the Islamic Army in Iraq, an anti-American terrorist group;

Whereas, former ABC Nightline correspondent Dave Marash quit his anchor job at Al-Jazeera English, citing anti-American bias and saying that the “standard for journalism on Al-Jazeera in the United States didn’t seem consistently to be as good as their standards elsewhere;”

We do not seek to censor Al-Jazeera English. That is not within our ability, nor do we desire to do so. Rather, we urge the good people at Comcast, and other cable and satellite companies that are considering the addition of this network to their lineup, to exercise good judgment as patriotic Americans, and not help to provide Al-Jazeera English the audience and the exposure that they seek. America is at war with radical Islam.  Providing radical Islam with the means to propagandize in this country is damaging to American interests and our national security.

Join us in our fight.