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(Editor’s Note: Blogger Trevor Loudon, a speaker at the 40th anniversary AIM conference, has written the following about the socialist agenda behind President Obama’s push for health care “reform.”

It is important to keep in mind, as we discussed in a recent AIM Report, that Charles Kramer, an identified Soviet espionage agent, served as staff director for Senator Claude Pepper’s Senate subcommittee of the Committee on Educational Labor in 1945. Investigator Herbert Romerstein explains that “There he wrote a bill to establish a National Health Program, which in 1946 was adopted by President Truman as the Truman Health Care Bill. It failed to pass. Its opponents called it socialized medicine.”

Pepper, known as “Red Pepper,” served with communist Hugh DeLacy on the Communist-front National Council of Soviet-American Friendship and wrote the introduction for the book, “The Great Conspiracy Against Russia,” in which he called for a “better international understanding of Russia” and denounced “anti-Soviet intrigue.” As we noted, it looks like Obama is picking up where “Red Pepper” left off.)

The push to socialize U.S. health care came not from the “people,” but from a small clique of Marxists, led by a man with close personal ties to President Barack Obama. This group’s goal is fully socialized, government run “single payer” health care-as long promoted through Congressman John Conyers’ National Health Insurance Act, or HR 676.

The leader of this Marxist clique is Quentin Young-a retired Chicago physician, a life-long Marxist activist and long time friend and political ally of Barack Obama. Young has known and worked with Obama for years in Chicago and has reportedly directly influenced Obama’s views on socialized medicine.

According to radical journalist John Nichols writing in The Progressive, “Obama…learned about single-payer health care from his old friend and neighbor Dr. Quentin Young, the longtime coordinator  of Physicians for a National Health Program.”

Quentin Young told Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!” that while an Illinois state senator, Obama was a strong supporter of “single payer.” He said: “Barack Obama, in those early days-influenced, I hope, by me and others-categorically said single payer was the best way, and he would inaugurate it if he could get the support, meaning majorities in both houses, which he’s got, and the presidency, which he’s got. And he said that on more than one occasion…”

Secret Agenda

Who is Quentin Young and what is Physicians for a National Health Program.” What influence do they actually have?

PNHP claims to be a national organization of 14,000 doctors advocating single-payer national health insurance. In reality it was long a phone-booth size operation run by Quentin Young and a handful of Marxist comrades.

Quentin Young is one of America’s most committed socialists, beginning with his time in the Young Communist League in late 1930s Chicago.

After WW II, into the mid 1970s, Young was closely associated with the Communist Party and was accused of belonging to the Bethune Club (a communist doctor’s club) by a U.S. congressional committee investigating the riots at the 1968 Democratic Party convention in Chicago.

In the late 1970s Young was associated with the pro-Marxist New American Movement and in 1982 helped found the Democratic Socialists of America, to which he still belongs. In 1972, in the dying days of the Vietnam War, Young led a small radical delegation to Communist North Vietnam.

Friends With Terrorist Ayers

In 1995 Young attended the famous meeting at the Hyde Park home of former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn where Barack Obama was introduced as chosen successor to Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer..

Young was a founder and National Chairman of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, which originally provided medical care for civil rights workers in the South, but later morphed into a “single-payer” advocacy organization.

In 1987 Young and Peter Orris founded the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), the U.S.’s oldest existing “single-payer” advocacy organization and is currently the organization’s National Co-ordinator.

Peter Orris is the son of Communist Party member and physician Leo Orris. His sister is Maxine Orris, a New York physician who received her medical training in Cuba.

Peter Orris was a leader of Students for a Democratic Society at Harvard, before going on to join the Communist Party. He was still a Party member in 1987 when he helped Quentin Young form PNHP.

In 1992 Peter Orris joined the Communist Party splinter group Committees of Correspondence, in which he remains a leading activist.

Peter Orris is a strong advocate of “single payer” through PNHP and also through his associations with the International Association of Fire Fighters, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, UNITE-HERE, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, SEIU, the American Public Health Association, the Public Health Committee of the Chicago Medical Society, the Illinois State Medical Society and the American College of Physicians.

Radical SEIU

On June 25, 2009, Peter Orris was one of several doctors from the Doctors Council of SEIU who traveled to Washington, D.C. for a “massive day of action for real health care reform.” Today Peter Orris serves on the National Physicians Advisory Board of the National Physicians Alliance alongside Quentin Young.

Joanne Landy is another key PNHP activist and like Young is a prominent member of Democratic Socialists of America. In 2005 Landy wrote a pamphlet for PNHP, “Why Labor Needs Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.” The pamphlet was focused on mobilizing labor union support for U.S. Representative John Conyer’s National Health Insurance Act (H.R. 676).

In 2008, Joanne Landy and PNHP President Oliver Fein wrote, “We Can Do It! The Case for Single Payer National Health Insurance,” a chapter in a book entitled Ten Excellent Reasons for National Health Insurance. It said: “The time has come for single payer National Health Insurance in the United States. We have excellent hospitals, skilled practitioners, the technological infrastructure-and we’re already spending enough money to insure everyone and to improve access to care for many who are covered today by inadequate plans. All we need is the political will.”

Mark Almberg is PNHP communications director and has been involved with the Illinois Communist Party since the 1970s.

PNHP President Oliver Fein and Secretary Steffi Woolhandler have both advocated “single-payer” at the annual Democratic Socialists of America-run Socialist Scholars Conferences in New York City.

Fein, representing PNHP, addressed the 1992 Socialist Conference, attended by members of Democratic Socialists of America, the Communist Party and Committees of Correspondence, on “The movement for a national healthcare program.”

At the 2000 Socialist Conference Steffi Woolhandler, co-founder of PNHP and Harvard Medical School professor cited “single-payer” health care as probably the only issue in politics where the Left and the American people are in agreement.

In 2004 PNHP joined several other socialist, labor, church and community organizations to form a wider coalition, Healthcare-NOW!

Healthcare-NOW! holds annual national strategy meetings with volunteer organizers and health care activists around the country, including John Conyers.

In 2007, Healthcare-NOW! launched traveling Road Shows promoting “single-payer” reform and also co-sponsored an Annual Health Care Justice Vigil held each September in Washington, D.C.

Healthcare-NOW! worked with the California Nurses Association to initiate the National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Companies.

Quentin Young is a Healthcare-NOW! co-chair, as is Leo Gerard, President of United Steelworkers of America and Rose Ann DeMauro, Executive Director of the California Nurses Association.

Incidentally, Quentin Young was honored by the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America at their annual award dinner in 1992. Leo Gerard was honored in 2007 and Rose Ann DeMauro was to have been keynote speaker at the 2008 dinner, until an inter-union dispute caused her appearance to be cancelled.

The Healthcare-NOW! Board of Directors includes representatives from the Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development, League of Young Voters, Ruckus Society, Labor Party, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Progressive Christians Uniting, National Health Care for the Homeless Council, National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, United Mineworkers of America, Industrial Unions Council, Women’s Economic Agenda Project, Latinos for National Health Insurance, National Black Women’s Health Project and four leaders of PNHP- Oliver Fein, Ida Hellander, David Himmelstein and Quentin Young.

Other key board members include:

– Medea Benjamin of “peace” group Code Pink. In 1992 Benjamin endorsed the foundation conference of Committees of Correspondence with Peter Orris-mentioned above, and in 2002 spoke at a Committees of Correspondence national conference with John Nichols-also mentioned above.

– Michael Lighty is Director of Public Policy, California Nurses Association. Lighty is a long- time member of Democratic Socialists of America and a former National Director of that organization.

– Flavio Casoy is a San Francisco based doctor and representative of the Medical Students Association. Casoy is a member of the Young Communist League and contributor to the Communist Party paper, People’s World.

In March 2009 the National Education Commission of the Communist Party USA circulated a podcast by Flavoy to Party Clubs, as a Club Educational/Group Discussion Guide on healthcare reform. It said, “Your club/group should invite guests to participate with you in a discussion of the fight for national health care reform. The podcast and reading links provided below should be distributed well in advance of the meeting. The Political Affairs podcast features an interview with Flavio Casoy on the present struggle for national health care reform…”

– Rev. Lucius Walker is a representative of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization.

Walker is a longtime supporter of radical and Communist Party USA causes. He has been an organizer of several Pastors for Peace Caravans to Cuba and enjoys a cozy relationship with Cuban leadership.

Applications from U.S. citizens to undergo medical training in Cuba are administered through Walker’s New York City-based Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization.

Obama’s healthcare bill is the cornerstone of his presidency.

The Marxist left looks to the British example. They believe that “single payer” will lock the stubbornly conservative U.S. worker into near permanent support for the Democratic Party-just as it did for the British Labour Party after WW II.

Leading Communist Party member Norman Markowitz wrote in the Party journal Political Affairs that: “A ‘single payer’ national health system-known as ‘socialized medicine’ in the rest of the developed world-should be an essential part of the change that the core constituencies which elected Obama desperately need. Britain serves as an important political lesson for strategists. After the Labor Party established the National Health Service after World War II, supposedly conservative workers and low-income people under religious and other influences who tended to support the Conservatives were much more likely to vote for the Labor Party when health care, social welfare, education and pro-working class policies were enacted by labor-supported governments.”

Radical journalist John Nichols writes that Obama told an Atlanta town hall audience in 2008 that “I am somebody who is no doubt progressive. I believe in a tax code that we need to make more fair. I believe in universal health care.” Nichols also went on to discuss prospects for “single payer” under an Obama Administration:

“Perhaps most impressive are the moves made by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, Physicians for a National Health Program, and Progressive Democrats of America to ensure that the option of single-payer is not forgotten as Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi establish their domestic policy priorities.

“To that end, sixty activists from these and allied groups met one week after Election Day at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington with Michigan Congressman John Conyers, an early Obama backer and the chief House proponent of real reform, to forge a Single-Payer Healthcare Alliance and plot specific strategies for influencing the new Administration and Congress.”

John Conyers is not only an Obama ally and “single-payer” zealot. The Congressman from Michigan has a long record of supporting Communist Party fronts and was an honored guest at the founding of Democratic Socialists of America in Detroit in 1982 and at DSA’s 2003 National Convention in the same city.

He is also a leading member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus-an alliance of more than 70 Democratic Congressmen, many of whom are linked to Democratic Socialists of America, the Communist Party, or both. Should Obama succeed in passing any form of a healthcare bill, that will not be the end of the matter. Conyers, Young, his Marxist comrades and the alliance they have forged will not rest until the U.S. has a fully socialized health system.




*By Mark H. Rudov

 (*Marc H. Rudov is a globally known radio/TV personality, relationship coach, speaker, and author. His website is This is a slightly edited version of one of his recent columns.)

We love you, Maria Shriver. For the past half-year, with unchecked politically correct sexism, you’ve preached that America is a woman’s nation. Not only haven’t you faced any resistance, legal or social, NBC rewarded you with a weeklong series called-what else?-A Woman’s NationTM.

Maria Shriver: you have two sons and two daughters. Do your sons like hearing from you that they’re growing up in a woman’s nation? I doubt it. What will their friends say? Nothing flattering. What will your daughters think about their brothers-and all men? Isn’t your TV program just as destructive as those that once prompted mothers to teach “life in a man’s world” to their daughters?

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is it written that America is a woman’s nation. Our legal system is designed to be blind to specific groups, as the 19th Amendment illustrates: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Yet, we have unconstitutional laws and policies that confer upon women unilateral rights and protections in rape, reproduction, abortion, custody, child support, domestic violence, workplace practices, and immigration. Why? Because spineless men fear retribution from feminists and sexual retaliation from their wives for writing, passing, enforcing, and adjudicating gender-neutral laws.

Time magazine buttresses Maria Shriver. In its October 26, 2009, issue, The American Woman, managing editor Richard Stengel cites a TIME/Rockefeller Foundation poll: “Women have become dominant in our society. Women will soon constitute a majority of the workforce; they earn 57% of college degrees; they make 75% of buying decisions in the home…women are not terribly concerned with equality issues…” And yet they complain about glass ceilings.

Men are fast becoming slacker dudes and permanent blue-collar workers. This is because high-school programs favor girls; college-enrollment stats prove it. Not only are women dominating at the undergraduate level, they are receiving more than 50% of degrees in law, medicine, and business.  The trend of female domination is growing unabated.

A society of marginalized men is a weak society. Whom will these highly educated women marry? Slacker dudes? I don’t think so. Given that 40% of American children are born out of wedlock, marriage isn’t a big concern for many women. Too bad. Every study of teenage pregnancy, drug usage, alcoholism, gang membership, crime, and school dropouts points to the lack of fathers at home. Women file 70% of divorces and choose single motherhood as a lifestyle.

The presidents of Brown University, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania are women. Great accomplishments. But, expect that, as fewer men graduate from universities, fewer will head them-and those who do attend will find curricula and policies favoring women. The workplaces will follow suit, as educated women will fill most of the management positions.

What happened to equality, Maria Shriver? Your preaching and TV show about a woman’s nation are divisive, not inclusive. What good will come of it? You are compounding the omnipresent wedge between men and women.

As you speak on NBC, heralding the dawn of the “woman’s nation,” please remember that your sons-and all sons-will be watching. They’ll base their self-assessments and life/career plans on what you say. Will they want to be college graduates, soldiers, husbands, and fathers in a woman’s nation?

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