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If the Van Jones resignation is blamed on his controversial statements about Republicans and 9/11, a great lesson will have been lost. If people don’t recognize the dangers of having a communist in the White House, then the nature of the scandal will not have been understood. Blogger Trevor Loudon of New Zealand broke the story on April 6 and has some thoughts on what happened and where this story is heading. He explains, “Jones and Obama have worked with the same people all the way.”

For example, Loudon notes that “In 1999 Obama was called to New York to set up a left-wing think tank called Demos. He served for a time on the Demos board of trustees. Jones is still listed a member of the Demos board. Demos is a partner organization to the Institute for Policy Studies and also works closely with ACORN and Project Vote-names very familiar to any Obama watcher.”

Explaining the rise of Van Jones, Loudon says, “Seven years ago Van Jones was a Bay Area Alinskyite street communist. After hooking up with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, former ’60s Maoists, Weather Underground supporters and Demos, he managed to land a job in the White House.”

By comparison, “Twenty two years ago Barack Obama was a Chicago Alinskyite ‘community organizer.’ After hooking up with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, former ’60s Maoists, Weather Underground supporters and Demos, he managed to land a job in the White House.” 

Just a coincidence?

Loudon concludes, “Jones’ resignation is a blow for the left and a victory for freedom, but it is only the beginning in unmasking a whole series of White house radicals. They may not have been as loud mouth and indiscrete as Van Jones-but that makes them more dangerous, not less. Millions of Americans now have some inkling of what is happening to their country. Now is the time to amp up the pressure and research.”

In terms of the evidence about who recommended and hired Jones, Loudon says that the focus that Accuracy in Media has put on far-left Oakland Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee is correct, since she was “almost certainly complicit in getting Jones hired.” Lee is chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, was a presidential campaign adviser to Obama, and is a friend of Jones and Obama. Jones and Lee worked together on “green jobs” in Oakland.

At the same time, Obama’s “brain” Valerie Jarrett is on tape as saying “they” have been watching Jones for years and were happy to recruit him. Since Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, is in the White House, “the spotlight must go on Jarrett,” Loudon argues. “But eventually it must come back to the president himself.”





*By Mark Musser

At a time when some environmental historians have been selling important books like How Green Were the Nazis? and The Green and the Brown and a few other notable works trying to cleanse the early German conservation movement from its sordid Nazi past as much as possible, Van Jones, Barack Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar, lobbed an eco-grenade into the enviro-fascist debate.

He said that “the white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people-of-color communities, because they don’t have a racial justice frame.”   Here, Van Jones, a self-proclaimed communist and a fairly recent convert to the environmental cause, mixes his black socialism/communism with ecological views that can be traced directly back to the labyrinth of Nazi Germany of the 1930’s. 

Racial socialistic ethnicity and nature were at the heart of Nazi doctrine, and German environmentalism played an important role in what is today called the final solution. 

Nazi racism was in fact often couched in biological and ecological terms. Race and nature were also the two primary differences that distinguished Nazism from Communism. They were otherwise close cousins. 

Adolf Hitler himself pointed out that “National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with a democratic order.” 

Thus, when Van Jones, the very man who was selected by Obama to help run America’s green economy, makes such racist environmental statements, the whiff of the Nazi cadaver is unmistakable, no matter what color of skin we are talking about.

Van Jones And Al Gore

That Van Jones is simultaneously partnering with Al Gore in the establishment of an organization called the “Green for All Academy,” and was involved in another organization he founded back in 2005 called “Color for Change,” a black advocacy group, only digs the racist ecological hole even deeper. 

Jones’ mixing of communism, racism and environmentalism opens up the Nazi fascist Pandora’s Box all over again. Thus, just when environmental historians have seemingly managed to get on top of a debate that goes all the way back to Daniel Gasman’s book written in 1971 called The Scientific Origins of the National Socialism, Van Jones brings us all back to square one. Gasman specifically wrote his book to save Charles Darwin from being smeared with Nazi blood. However, the upshot of his work is that he implicates instead the father of German ecology, Ernst Haeckel. Gasman strongly argues that Haeckel was the father of Social Darwinism which inevitably led to the slippery slope of the holocaust. Worse is that his biological and ecological views were holistic, anti-Semitic and fascist to the core.

Social Darwinism

Comments about “white environmentalists” also touches on a raw nerve. German environmentalism was born in the northern racist forests of Germandom’s romantic movement.   Indeed, drinking deeply from Germany’s green romantic past from men like Ernst Moritz Arndt, Wilhelm Riehl, Arthur Schopenhauer, Richard Wagner, Ernst Haeckel, and others, all of whom blamed the Jews for polluting Germany’s countryside with international capitalism, banking and industry, it was Nazi conservationist Hans Schwenkel who sarcastically pointed out that the Old Testament Law does not contain any nature protection laws “since God has given to the children of Israel all plants and animals for their enjoyment.” 

In other words, the Jews exploited nature for their own greedy, selfish purposes, leaving behind a trail of capitalistic pollution that had defiled the German countryside. Here, Schwenkel was parroting Schopenhauer’s thesis that Germany’s natural beauty had been contaminated by the “effects of Genesis 1 and generally of the whole Jewish way of looking at nature.” Genesis 1 of course crowns Adam and Eve as the king and queen of the original creation.  They were then specifically commanded by God to “subdue and fill the earth,” with marriage being the very vehicle used to carry out this great divine purpose in the world. Such an ecological view also strongly implies a utilitarian ecology, which has been routinely denounced and vilified by environmentalists for the last 200 years. 

Nazi environmentalist Wilhelm Linnenkamper mockingly declared that the “First Commandment” of nature protection was the “merciless extermination of the utilitarian perspective.” Here, Linnenkamper ratchets up Schopenhauer’s beastly recommendation that the Jewish views on nature should be expelled from Europe. Such was the conclusion of one of Germany’s most important geniuses of the 19th century-a romantic genius that Hitler was very fond of.

The Master Race

The master race was considered to be the best precisely because they eschewed this Mosaic conquest of nature, something which Hitler called “Jewish nonsense.” Hitler strongly asserted that it was impossible to overcome nature, but one must instead abide by her stern rigid laws. Thus, National Socialists actually believed that they were most in tune with Nature precisely because they had adopted her holistic Social Darwinian laws, and environmentalism played an important role under this Nazi racist biology. Nazi biologist Walther Schoenichen went so far to say that National Socialism and environmental protection stand “in a tight connection because the Fuhrer wills a new German volksgemeinschaft (people’s racial community) whose foundation is drawn from blood and soil, i.e., from the primordial forces of life and soul that are proper to our race, and from the nature-willed bond that subsists between us and the sod of the homeland.” Not to be outdone, Schoenichen went on to say that “Adolf Hitler demands that man must understand the basic necessity of the rule of nature and must also grasp how much his existence is subjugated from above to these laws of eternal struggle and contest.” 

As such, Schoenichen reminded his readers that “no technology, no rationalism can protect us, together with our civilization, from going under, if we detach ourselves from the natural foundation of life.” In 1930, Schoenichen bemoaned “the unscrupulous thirst for profit that holds nothing as holy or worthy of reverence except the welfare of the cash register.” In October 1933, he wrote that the German landscape must be cleansed of the “un-German spirit of commerce.” 

Such talk would of course ultimately target the Jews.  Schoenichen even decided to carry out a study to investigate the evil roots of outdoor advertising; “it would be a worthwhile cause for inquiry in how far this social-psychic disease is the result of an infection with Jewish poison.” 

Jews As Pollution

Even as early as 1927, the National Socialists Physician League declared “the primacy of national biology over national economy.” Thus the environmental department of keeping the German landscape healthy fit in perfectly with the racial hygiene emphasis of the medical community.  The Jews were thus a source of both medical and environmental pollution. 

In his memoirs, Albert Speer recalls the first time he heard Adolf Hitler speak in 1931. One of issues that Hitler talked about was how the modern industrialized civilized world was destroying the biological substance of the German people. Though Hitler was careful at that early time to conceal his virulent anti-Semitism before such a crowd, this certainly meant for him that the Jews were polluting German neighborhoods, both culturally and environmentally. By 1938 Hitler declared that Germany must be cleansed of the parasitic Jewish enemy and that the “eternal values of blood and soil” must be raised to “the ruling laws of life.” The slogan ‘blood and soil’ was a popular racial environmental slogan that the Nazis used throughout the 30’s representing a whole cadre of various racial green ideas and practices. 

In November 1933, the Nazis passed a law for the protection of animals called the Tierschutzrecht. Previously, Hitler declared, “in the new Reich cruelty to animals should no longer exist.” Even before the passing of this particular law at the federal level, Herman Goring threatened to send violators of this law to concentration camps. As part of this 300-page law, the Nazis also forbid cruel experiments on animals, something which they had no reservations about with regard to live experimentation on Jews later on. Closely related to this is that the Nazis even devoted an entire chapter over to the Jewish barbarity of ritual slaughter, which of course had great repercussions with regard to celebrating the Passover. Thus even as early as 1933, the realization that love for animals does not mean a love for fellow man becomes strikingly apparent, especially if you were a Jew who believed in a false unnatural religion. Could it be that the medical experiments carried out on the Jews was a way of making up for the restrictions that were placed on animal vivisection? Goring also used ‘criminals’ from concentration camps for weaponry testing instead of animals. No doubt, most of those “criminals” were Jews. 

Nazi foresters also got in on the action as well. They were very concerned about invasive species and eradicating diseased trees, both of which they deemed detrimental to the German landscape. The forest ecosystem must be kept consistent with its local Aryan natural healthy environment: “ask the trees, they will teach you how to become National Socialists!” This further strengthened the oft repeated belief that that National Socialism was simply politically applied biology. They thus had an extremely literal reading of nature which led them to separate the ‘natural Aryan’ from the ‘unnatural Jew.’

“Sustainable Development”

Shockingly, once World War II began in earnest in Poland in 1939, wide open racial ecological plans expanded across the horizon in the East. Salivating at the opportunities, Landscape Planner Heinrich Friedrich Wiepking Jurgensmann, who was the chair of the Institute for Landscape Design at the University of Berlin, proclaimed “a golden age for the German landscape and garden designer that will surpass everything that even the most enthusiastic among us had previously known.” 

The Nazis thus had all kinds of cockamamie eco-imperial sustain-able development plans for the newly acquired territories in the East. They would Germanize the landscape by creating nature reserves, national parks, garden cities, and pioneer farms to return Germans back to more natural healthy living conditions to help relieve their own overpopulated country.  With no small interest is that Hitler’s personal attorney, Dr. Hans Frick, was made the governor-general of conquered Poland. This is the very man who publicly attacked the Jews for their Passover ritual slaughter practices in 1930 before a group of animal lovers in Munich. After he finished his tirade, the assembly adopted a resolution which stated that “the time will come for the salvation of animals from the perverse persecution of retarded sub-humans.” 

The prophetic insight of that animal lover’s conference in 1930 is truly astounding. It literally became a self-fulfilling prophecy once the Nazis seized power, especially in Poland, the very place where “blood and soil” racial environmentalism and concentration camps would come together on a barbarous scale unimaginable at the time the resolution was made. 

In 1941, Nazi environmentalist Alwin Seifert sermonized that “if the East is to become home for Germans from all over the Germany, and if it is to flourish and become as beautiful as the rest of the Reich, then it is not enough just to cleanse the towns of past Polish mismanagement and construct clean and pleasant villages.  The entire landscape must be Germanized.” As a part of this huge construction plan German oak trees were planted in many Polish towns as symbols of the Germanization of the landscape where little tiny acorns were to grow into huge trees with deep roots in the soil. 

The Nazi Mystic

Pagan nature mystic Heinrich Himmler was the very man placed in charge of this huge utopian construction operation, one which both he and Hitler assumed would take more than a century to complete. Himmler had even planned to use industry in the conquered territories to fund his green program of turning Poland, Ukraine and western Russia into a beautiful environmentally sustainable countryside where animals and man could live harmoniously together. 

On October 17, 1941, when the Wehrmacht was within 20 miles of the gates of Moscow, Hitler proclaimed that the East “will one day be one of the loveliest gardens in the world.” However, within a matter of weeks, this green plan came to a screeching halt when the Wehrmacht got bogged down in the mud of primitive Russian roads, and then later virtually froze to death in one of the most brutal winters in living memory. 

More telling still is that in 1981, Albert Speer pointed out that Himmler was a backward helpless romantic. The SS itself hated industry, and often tried to thwart his own efforts to modernize Germany. Moreover, Speer also clearly recognized that an industrial empire that would be able to fund such a utopian project could not be built on slave labor.  Worst of all is that Hitler was ordering Himmler to gas many of the very people who were supposed to build Himmler’s industrial empire. Here is seen the ultimate in a contradiction of terms. How on earth can anyone build an industrial empire on the burnt ashes of places like Auschwitz? Slave labor and human sacrifice belong to the pre-industrial world of agriculture and nature worship, not to modern industrial states. 

Hence, one of the great lessons of Nazi Germany is not that technology and industry are evil in themselves, as many Nazis believed, but that technology and industry are dangerous tools in the hands of people who really do not believe in it. They will invariably use industry for wrongful purposes, like, gas Jews for example in order to build a green utopia.

Environmental Fascism

As Americans ponder the building of this so-called green economy that will be funded by modern industry, they may want to seriously reconsider such plans. 

While the man, Van Jones, who lashed out against “white polluters” is no longer on the job, it is very naïve for modern environmentalists to assume that since they are not racist, they can excuse themselves from the fascist charge. Anti-humanism is not limited by racism. As the environmental movement has increasingly become both more international and totalitarian, they have developed contempt for people in general. With regard to personal attitudes, this is not much of a “progressive” improvement on its racist past.

        *Mark Musser is a pastor in Olympia, WA, who was a missionary to the former Soviet Union.


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