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Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry is hoping that reporters will be so intimidated by his Vietnam War medals that they will not explore his pro-communist political career. It’s true that he fought bravely against the communists. Later, however, he turned against his fellow soldiers, accused them of genocide, marched with those seeking a communist victory in Vietnam, and abandoned Vietnam POW/MIAs. Then, as a senator, he strongly opposed the efforts of the Reagan administration to prevent a communist takeover of Central America.

Instead of raising these issues, which go the heart of Kerry’s patriotism and integrity, the media have run a few stories about him doing favors for campaign contributors. The Washington Post noted that Kerry, who has been campaigning against special interests and lobbyists, raised more money from paid lobbyists than any other senator over the past 15 years. The Associated Press disclosed that Kerry did legislative favors for a major insurer, American International Group, which subsequently donated thousands of dollars to his campaigns, and that Kerry recommended campaign donors for federal appointments.

If the media are truly interested in campaign money scandals, they should examine how controversial billionaire liberal George Soros, the most prominent drug legalizer in the world, has contributed financially to Kerry and the national Democratic Party and expects that the Massachusetts Senator will implement a new and dangerous policy on access to hard drugs if he becomes president.

An examination of Federal Election Commission records shows Soros making financial contributions to Kerry, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Senator Hillary Clinton, and many other Democratic candidates and campaign committees. In addition, he contributed $153,000 in “soft money” to the Democratic Party in the last election cycle.

But Soros is not your typical “fat cat.”

Usually described as just a “philanthropist” or “financier,” he was convicted two years ago in France of insider trading-a crime much in the news in the Martha Stewart trial that receives almost daily attention in the media.

Writing in Insight magazine, Kenneth Timmerman raised the possibility that Soros could use his knowledge of global financial markets to cause a stock market crash just before the election to undermine Bush. Those fighting the illegal drug problem are extremely concerned about how a quirk in the new campaign finance law upheld by the Supreme Court could facilitate Soros’ grab for political power.

The Soros Power Play

Drug Watch International, a group formed in 1991 to fight drug abuse in America, points out that “Soros has long supported so-called campaign finance reform. He has lobbied for limited contributions [i.e. soft money] to a political party. By doing so, he cleared the path to make himself the biggest bankroller of an individual candidate in the next presidential election.” Soros is doing this through millions of dollars provided to the Democrats through shadowy “527” (IRS designation) organizations such as America Coming Together (ACT) that could outspend Bush two to one this year. In five months, ACT raised $12 million from Soros, insurance magnate Peter Lewis, another supporter of drug legalization who was caught smuggling drugs into New Zealand, and others.

If Soros, Lewis & Company are able to capture the White House and implement their drug policy nationally, millions more people could be led to experiment with dangerous psychoactive sub-stances and damage themselves, their families, and society.

Illegal drugs are illegal because they alter mental states, weaken one’s moral sense of right and wrong, and even cause hallucinations in some cases. They are linked to many crimes, such as the recent kidnapping and murder of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia in Florida. The alleged killer, career criminal Joseph P. Smith, had been arrested for prescription drug fraud, cocaine use, and heroin possession.

The Soros “solution” to the drug problem, sometimes labeled “harm reduction,” would have government legalize and dispense hard drugs, much like tobacco or alcohol. However, the pro-drug lobby has decided that drug legalization will occur only on a step-by-step basis, with the first step being the claim that marijuana has medical benefits.

It’s true that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, stimulates appetite and soothes nausea in some patients. That’s why it has been synthesized into Marinol, which is available with a doctor’s prescription. The drug legalizers, however, want to be able to smoke the drug-even with all of its dangerous carcinogens-and get “high.” Then, when they are caught with drugs, they can claim they use them for “medical” reasons.

In a related matter, Soros demonstrates his “compassion” toward those who commit crimes against Americans by providing funds to assist criminals and ex-cons.

Linda Evans, for example, was given a Soros grant to “increase civic participation of former prisoners.” Evans, a “Soros Justice Fellow,” is a former prisoner herself, having been pardoned by President Clinton for her involvement in the Weather Underground terrorist group.

Another “Soros Justice Fellow,” funded by the billionaire’s Open Society Institute, was Christian Parenti, the Marxist author of two books alleging that government has violated civil liberties while rooting out terrorist and subversive groups in America.

As part of his effort to defeat Bush, Soros is funding organizations such as and the Center for American Progress to produce propaganda to undermine the President politically. The Center for American Progress is run by John Podesta, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton, and Morton Halperin, a former ACLU official who also serves as director of the Washington office of the Soros Open Society Institute.

Sensing a political vulnerability on foreign policy,, the Center for American Progress and the Hollywood group, Artists United, have produced a film, “Uncovered: The Whole Truth About Iraq,” critical of the Bush administration’s decision to go to war in Iraq based on questionable intelligence.

Herbert Romerstein, former staff member of the House Intelligence Committee, finds it ironic that Soros-funded groups would criticize Bush for an intelligence failure in Iraq when former ACLU operatives close to Soros such as Halperin helped “create the problem in the first place.” He notes that Halperin, a character witness for CIA defector Philip Agee, facilitated the passage of legislation that restricted U.S. intelligence-gathering and reduced critical “human intelligence” in such areas as the Middle East.

Stars Of The Show

One star in the film, former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter, was caught in an Internet sex sting in 2001 with an underage girl.

Another star, Ray McGovern, has had an intelligence failure of his own. He has contributed articles critical of the Bush administration to publications associated with Lyndon LaRouche, an extremist Democratic Party presidential candidate who served time in prison on financial fraud charges and once called for bringing into being “a new Marxist International throughout the capitalist sector.”

McGovern, who had a 27-year career in the CIA, claims that he knows nothing about LaRouche but believes his researchers “do some fairly good work.”

The Soros role is worthy of special press attention because his pro-drug policy has been considered at odds with most Republicans and Democrats, who have shared the view that legalization would make the drug problem far worse. Barry McCaffrey, who was director of the National Office of Drug Control Policy in the Clinton administration, denounced Soros in testimony before Congress. An aide to McCaffrey said that the Soros plan would “take us into nihilism and chaos and jam our hospital emergency rooms with more [drug] users?”

Former Carter cabinet member Joseph Califano, who now runs Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, called Soros “The Daddy Warbucks Of Drug Legalization.” He said that Soros had the right to speak in support of any idea, however outrageous, but that such a right carried with it “the obligation not to lie about it.” He was referring to Soros-funded campaigns claiming that drug legalization or decriminalization will enable police to go after more violent criminals and that smoking marijuana has health benefits. Califano warned parents “to protect their children” against Soros.

One of the Soros-funded groups, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), has openly praised Kerry, noting that he endorsed a 1996 law to establish a “medical marijuana therapeutic research program” in Massachusetts, and that he co-wrote a letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration in support of a University of Massachusetts proposal to produce marijuana for “medical marijuana research.” The co-signer was Senator Ted Kennedy.

In true Soros fashion, the terms “therapeutic” and “medical marijuana” are designed to mask the true nature of the proposal. The DPA reports that, “at two separate campaign events Kerry described himself as ‘open to’ and ‘in favor of’ medical marijuana.”

Interestingly, one of the groups supporting the Kerry-Kennedy proposal, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), pushes for the “medical” use of such drugs as LSD and Ecstasy.

If Kerry wins, he will be heavily in debt to Soros and the others who made his victory possible. And Kerry pays back his financial patrons.

By Dave Stoddard
United States Border Patrol (Ret.)

On September 11, 2001, two jet airliners, full of passengers, slammed into the World Trade Center towers. Another crashed into the Pentagon and yet another into the ground in Pennsylvania. Everyone knows the story.

Within two hours, 3,000 people lost their lives. America was shocked and horrified. Around the world, people displayed emotion ranging from joy to unmitigated horror. Even in the United States some cheered, as horrible as it was. In Muslim countries, the event played over and over to the cheers of thousands. In Mexico City, people cheered and gloated as they burned the American flag, now that America finally got her “comeuppance.”

I still have vivid images in my mind of people jumping from the towers; choosing instant death on impact over a relatively slow death by burning. These were mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. I cannot imagine having to make an instant decision about which horrible death I am to suffer. They had the choice forced upon them.

Every single terrorist aboard all four hijacked planes was an illegal alien, based on a simple principle of immigration law. To wit: any alien who applies to come to the United States must comply with U.S. law. Any intent to break our laws automatically disqualifies the alien for entry whether he lies about it or not. (18 U.S. Code 1001, et. al.)

After 9/11, America staggered in shock. Homeland Security director Tom Ridge broke out his crayons and came up with a color-coded terrorist alert system that was supposed to make all of us safer. For weeks afterward, a cartoon circulated on the Internet depicting a duck taped to a wall with the caption, “My duck is taped, now what do I do?” That cartoon is a testament as to the farcical measures taken by our government.

Political correctness prevents us from identifying the enemy. That enemy is radical Arab Muslims. Norman Mineta, (the Transportation Secretary held over from the Clinton administration) came up with a plan to avoid accusations of “profiling” by assuring that grandmothers in wheel chairs get “shaken down” and that U.S. combat veterans are intensely scrutinized while wearing their medals. All the while, Arab Muslims must not be offended with scrutiny even equal to that accorded the grandma with knitting needles and the crippled guy with a cane.

Meanwhile, Mexico fully expected the U.S. government to secure our southern border. For roughly three months the human traffic over our Mexican border slowed to a mere trickle while people waited to see what America was going to do.

After it became apparent that real security measures were only taken against our own citizens, the Mexican border traffic resumed with an unprecedented intensity. After all, illegal aliens, particularly illegal Mexican aliens, don’t present a threat to U.S. citizens. Do they?

Evidence Abounds

Read newspapers from all over the country. You’ll see stories of drunken illegal aliens driving automobiles into innocent citizens. Other stories tell of murders, rapes, robberies, child molestations, home invasions and illicit drug deals. Illegal aliens, particularly illegal Mexican aliens, are selling poison on our streets, killing our police officers, murdering our citizenry and then fleeing back to Mexico where they are coddled and even celebrated.

The U.S.-Mexico border is no more secure today than it was on 9/11. Sure, trucks and people are intensely scrutinized at ports of entry, but the wide spaces in between are allowed to remain open. Illegal aliens from all over the world continue to pour into our county unabated while every other nation of the world secures its border (or has its border secured by U.S. forces).

Currently there are roughly two- million inmates incarcerated in the United States. According to reliable sources, 30 percent of federal prison inmates are illegal aliens. According to those same sources, 60 percent of that 30 percent are illegal Mexican aliens. According to an investigative reporter with the Washington Times, at any given moment there are 80,000 illegal aliens loose on the streets of America who have been convicted of murder, rape, robbery and child molestations and other serious crimes.

Killers On The Streets

They are roaming America simply because the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement failed to deport them after they served their sentences. There are an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens who have ignored orders to leave the United States.

Do the math. This means that currently there are at least 480,000 convicted illegal aliens in jail or roaming the streets of America. These illegal aliens didn’t go to jail for jumping the border, jaywalking or overstaying their visas. They went to jail for crimes against American citizens. They are murderers, rapists, robbers, home invaders and sellers of poisons. Each of those prisoners and convicted felons committed a crime against at least one U.S. citizen. How many of these are carrying guns to be used against the innocent while the U.S. government prosecutes U.S. citizens for carrying the means to protect themselves? Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.) has introduced a bill to deport these criminals. Are there not enough domestically produced criminals without importing them?

Why were they allowed to enter and remain in America? It is because of the total lack of enforcement of our perfectly good immigration laws. While it is true that some illegal aliens may have come with the benign intent of finding a job and working, it is equally true that it is against the law. Our politicians wink. The cheap labor lobby smirks. The common citizen pays the bill in blood and money.

Criminals On The Loose

How many citizens have been victimized over the last two decades of neglect on our borders? A woman was beaten and raped by five illegal aliens in New York. Rafael Resendez-Ramirez, the infamous “Railway Killer,” knifed innocent victims. The D.C. sniper killed innocent Americans. All major cities in the U.S. have had police officers killed by illegal aliens. The tally gets bigger and bigger.

In the last 20 years how many innocent Americans have died at the hands of illegal aliens? I guarantee you; it is considerably more than the 3,000 that died on 9/11. The victims are just as dead. The blood is just as red. The grief is just as intense. The graves are just as deep.

Would anyone argue that murder, robbery, rape and even drug dealing are NOT acts of domestic terrorism? Again, I ask “Don’t we have enough domestically produced criminals without importing them?”

Politicians Ignore Problem

With our wide-open borders, our liberal immigration laws that are not being enforced, and 680,000 American victims, we are experiencing slow motion terrorism at the hands of illegal aliens. Our politicians are ignoring it.

Political correctness and the cults of “multiculturalism and diversity” paralyze our law enforcement agencies. The ACLU and all the other ethic victimology groups are part of the problem. The cities in America that have enacted “sanctuary” policies to benefit illegal aliens contribute to the death or victimization of their citizens.

Our President wants to make them legal and reward them. Regardless of the euphemism he places on his plan, it is an amnesty.

Amnesty Program

The only reason current immigration laws are not working is because they are not enforced. We already tried an amnesty in 1986, which resulted in the situation we are dealing with today. If the President’s amnesty is enacted, it will result in at least 60-million new residents in the U.S.A. (considering that each of the current illegal residents has at least four family members to be legalized also).

That makes every American, and those yet to be born, victims of slow motion terrorism.

Are we as a nation tolerating this slow motion terrorism to such an extent that we are submitting to insidious national suicide?

What You Can Do

Send the enclosed cards or cards and letters of your own choosing to Karen Tandy, administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bill Keller of the New York Times, and Leonard Downie of the Washington Post.

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