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Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was taken by surprise and stammered when a reporter asked if “it would be ethical if her hypothetical vice president’s son served on the board of a foreign company.”

Warren said, “No,” as she was at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

She immediately backtracked and added, “I don’t know. I mean I’d have to go back and look at the details.” CBS campaign reporter, Nicole Sgana, tweeted Warren “appears uncharacteristically flustered when asked if her ethnics plan would allow her Vice President’s son to serve on the board of a foreign company.”

According to the Daily Caller, the reporter was asking Warren in context to the Massachusetts Democrat’s pledge she has publicly made to end corruption in Washington.

Warren has continually stated her first priority as president would be to “end government corruption.

“The rich and powerful have been calling the shots in Washington forever and ever and ever it feels like,” Warren said in June.

Much of the mainstream media did not report on Warren’s Wednesday hiccup. In the past three days, Warren has continuously been mentioned in Politico, Vox and NBC as she passed Joe Biden in a new nationwide poll.

Marissa Martinez is the founder of Strategic Rush, contributor for Accuracy in Media, The Hill, and Republican Strategist for PACs and congressional candidates. Follow her stories, @MarissaAlisa

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